How to Make Love

Every woman loves a man that can make love to them. They are emotional creatures and even though it may not be your favourite thing to do, the benefit of slowing things down and making gentler thrusts will definitely be worth it.

Maybe you don't like making love, don't want to make love or don't know how to make love. Whatever your reasons may be, these following steps will show you how to not only make sweet, sexy love, but it'll also teach you how to do it amazingly well!

First, put her in the mood. No, this doesn't always mean going for the clitoris). Take your time and make her feel good. Make her feel loved. Women get turned on by the emotional connection that they have with their man. Make the atmosphere romantic with some candles and some good music, give her a massage and softly kiss her all over. Compliment and woo her as much as possible.

Now that you have the sappy stuff done, the fun stuff can begin! Foreplay is a great way for you to make your girl feel important, beautiful, desired and of course, get her as wet as possible. It's also a great way for you to transition that sexy, sultry massage into a sex session. While you're kissing her neck, move lower, and lower, and lower, until you taste the sweet taste of her pussy. Don't forget to massage your way down as well. Take the time to really feel, touch and taste every inch of her body as you work your way down to her pussy. The slower you take it, the better she'll feel and as you know, more anticipation means a more explosive orgasm for the both of you.

Now that you have fully satisfied her emotionally, sexually and physically, it's time to give yourself (and her) a reward. It's time to take advantage of that soaking wet pussy, and as every man knows, there is nothing better than natural lubricant. However, instead of going right in for full penetration, have some fun with teasing. Go slowly, enter yourself a bit, and then stop. Keep it slow and smooth and soon, she'll be grabbing you and begging you to go deeper.

Just because you have started to have sex it doesn't mean that you should start pounding away like a rabbit. Making love is all about the emotional connection especially for women. Start slowly and build up the moment. Focus on her pleasure and make sure that she is enjoying every moment of you inside of her and enjoy her too. Making love is all about enjoying and appreciating each other's bodies and not always about a good, hard bang , although, those are also great, aren't they?