How to Make Love to Escorts

Making love these days is more than just fucking the escorts. That probably worked once upon a time, but now you need a bit more class and finesse to pull it off. You may be wondering if there is a different technique used to make love to the escorts rather than to other women that you have made love to? Well it's not so much that the technique is different but more about whom you are making love to.

As you know, not all women are the same not even the escorts. The escorts however are at an advantage to other women when it comes to making love because of the experience that they have and the fact that they don't mind being a little experimental in the bedroom.

So how do you really make love to the escorts?

The first thing that you will have to do is to remove all doubt in your brain about what the escorts can and cannot do. Remember, the brain is the first muscle to really get into the game and if you have doubts then it can put a dampener on the mood that you are trying to set. Remove all past sexual experiences that you've had out of your head, and get yourself ready for the best experience of your life with the escorts.

Once you have completed phase one you are ready for the next phase. Be ready to try at least one new thing that the escorts suggest. Making love does not always require that you do it in a bedroom, there are a lot of other places that are just as great for making love to the escorts, as well as a lot of methods to get them there.

The escorts may suggest some role play or even ask you to use a sex toy. Before you say no, try thinking about how good it may feel to do it before dismissing the idea entirely. Trying new things ensures that sex with the escorts never gets boring.

When it comes to making love one person tends to come out happier than the other, well in most cases anyway. The reason for this is that once a person is more vocal in stating what they want, the other person quite often hopes that their mate will be in tune with them and know what they want automatically. Don't make this mistake with the escorts. Whilst she may have ways to please you, make sure that you tell her what you would like her to do for you. Not only will she appreciate it but you will also get more out of the experience because you can make it your own, not just what someone else has in store for you.

Just be yourself. You don't need be an experienced porn star in the bedroom in order to have a great time! Making love is doing just that, creating and sharing new experiences with each other. You should always be willing to learn not only what makes you feel great but what makes the escorts feel great as well.

Making love to the escorts should never be a chore. Be open and true to who you are as well as sure about what you want to get out of the experience. When you know what you want, you will be able to devise a plan to get it. Share your plan with the escorts so that the both of you will be reading from the same page.

Remember, making love is about creating new experiences not reusing the ones that you've had before, so create, expand and enjoy the time that you share with the escorts.