How to Make up after a Fight

So you just got in from having a huge argument with your girlfriend and you're not sure how to overcome it and make up? Hey! It happens to everyone. Every single relationship has its problems, and every single couple have their fights, all for many different reasons. It's inevitable, and it's going to happen. It's all about figuring out how to make up and move on from the argument that makes for a successful relationship.

Once the argument is over and you have both settled down from it, take a look at the actual reason why the argument started. There are usually feelings that have yet to be fully expressed and dealt with, and once you recognise that, things will seem a bit clearer and calmer. Remember, arguments are inevitable they will happen, but what's important is how you handle them and overcome them as a couple.

Do not overbear each other with feelings, which can often be hard when you feel like you have so much to say. Try to use one sentence that correctly explains your emotions as a result of something specific. Saying too much right after an argument can be too much and won't allow your partner to fully understand the way that you feel.

It's important that you take responsibility for your actions and words when you need to. Apologising isn't always easy, but if swallowing your pride and getting the argument resolved is important to you, then apologising has to be done. Even if the argument wasn't your fault, you can apologise for the way you reacted throughout the argument. This can disarm your partner, then allowing them to apologise for their actions as well.

Lastly, once you have discussed the way you are feeling and apologised for your actions (wrong or not), come up with ways to avoid a similar argument in the future. For example, if you usually go off the edge when your partner texts during dinner, then agree to approach your pet hate in a better way. This should apply to both you and your partner so it will feel like a win-win situation.

Once you have figured out and forgiven the other for the feelings, reactions and words of the argument, hopefully you'll be able to head up to the bedroom and really forgive and forget and you can go make up in a more enjoyable way! You know what they say about make up sex!