Making Old Jacks Day

I lost my wife of thirty years just last year and whilst she will always remain the love in my life, I now have needs that need attending, and although Im 65 I could easily pass for someone much younger. Years in the construction industry have kept me in pretty good shape. I have a nice large home all paid off, a decent pension and no debts so life is kind in that way. I could pay for sex but thats not my style, its not beneath me at all its just I dont know how too and lack the confidence to approach an agency.

That changed the day I met Zena who worked for an escort agency in the Watford area. We met in a local caf and got talking, she was a single Mum looking to provide a decent education for her son. Minimum wage wasnt enough for the aspirations she had for her only child and the Father was not on the scene. I told her how much I admired her and her frank honesty. She said she was shocked as a lot of society would ostracise her, I explained I wasnt judgemental and in fact she was doing the only thing missing in my life.

I opened up to her in a way I never had before and she was effectively a stranger but being as she revealed a lot about her to me I felt ought too. Before I knew what was happening she was giving me the agency number and told me she would check with her gaffer to see if Id made an appointment. She told me to ask for Silvia, a lady she felt would take care of my needs. Heck I didnt realise these things were customer tailored. I had this vision of a load of younger ladies like Julia Roberts in character in Pretty Woman. She laughed and said thats the sad misconception, there is an escort suitable for everyone and their needs.

So a week later I found myself in a venue ready for a meeting with Silvia, I coughed nervously as I rang the intercom. Once acquainted with Silvia I noticed she was a sexy version of a normal forty something lady, nothing stereotypical at all. She made me feel so much at ease I soon forgot my surroundings and the murmurs of pleasure coming from other rooms which I admit made my dick strain in the pants. Silvia asked if Id like to lie down, she said I looked tense and perhaps she could loosen my shirt and give me a neck rub. Woah that felt so good and just having a lovely lady Silvia touch me made me feel human again. Soon she was loosening all my clothes and before I knew it they had all slipped off with so much ease.

She asked me what I liked in the way of making love and what I used to enjoy, I admitted I loved to eat and lick a woman. I missed the heady smell of woman, the tang and teasing a beautiful clit from its nestling place. Silvia gently laid me back and straddled my head, go ahead Jack she said its time you had a feast. I breathed in her scent that gorgeous musk only a woman can produce. I savoured the moment then brought her down over my lips and suckled. She had a large labia and I sucked it into my mouth, stretching it and swirling that nub of flesh around.

She became wetter and wetter so I found myself drinking from her tasting her nectar was enough to nearly make me shoot my load there and then. She was gasping and panting I could see her round buttocks bucking up and down on my mouth, she was grasping her own nipples and riding my face. All of a sudden she swooped down and took my dick in her tight and firm mouth. She quickly sucked the head, teasing my tip tasting my precum before plunging her hot mouth down the shaft. She gripped the base firmly with her lips and bobbed up and down my girth. I cried out, feeling that beautiful pussy in my mouth and all that pent up frustration I exploded in her mouth. I came shooting my seed which she was swallowing as she shuddered and came flooding my mouth with more of her juice.

After drinking each other dry she held me, before helping me dress making me feel at home she said I hope to see you again. Guess what? she will indeed very much for I have made a weekly booking with her for the foreseeable future.