Making oral sex good for her

Giving a man oral sex is not the most luxurious thing for a woman especially when you have come from a football game with the guys or a workout and you are dripping with sweat. No, not even a London escort. Be real guys, would you go down under if your girl just came home from her morning jog? Eek right? So why do you expect her to do the impossible? All is fair in love and war as well as oral sex.

Unless your girl has the characteristics of a London escort, don’t expect her to willingly give you oral sex even if you ask her for it. The best way to initiate oral sex is when you are both naked and ready to have sex or maybe if you are both having a shower together. Other than that you will more than likely get an excuse. Just because you are in the mood doesn’t mean that she is, so also take that into consideration if you want to approach her to give you head.

Before you get your girl in the mood make sure that you are prepared to receive her.

Keeping your member clean is most important thing to remember when having oral sex since this is where she has to put her mouth and you don’t want her to get any infections because you were only studying how well she pleases you. Remember if she feels icky from giving you oral sex because you refuse tidy up down there, she may never want to give it to you again.

It may also be a good idea if you trimmed up as well, since as you may very well know, there is nothing worst than coughing up hair. Show her some courtesy she may get the picture and follow suit.

When having oral sex, make sure that you are both comfortable since you want the experience to be pleasurable for the both of you. The bed is the best option for this. Guess what? While she is dealing with you, you could return the favour. That way the both of you get the ultimate enjoyment.

Most women don’t like the taste of semen because it is bitter, so do not beg her to swallow if she doesn’t want to. Instead you can change the taste of your semen by adjusting your diet and adding fruits such as pineapple, grapes, watermelon, plums and berries. Stay away from dairy products, coffee and beer. If she still needs some convincing, try using foods during your foreplay such as whipped cream, chocolate syrup and even cream cheese could work. Anything that goes on easily and tastes good could be used.

Once you have prepared for her, your girl should have no problem with giving you the satisfaction that you so desire.