Male Fetishes

Each of us has our own fetishes. Some are aware of them, others aren't. Its that strong attraction to something, either for an object or parts of a body. We may fantasise about a brunette or someone with certain skin type, butts, breasts, armpits, and the list goes on. Mind you, even while having sex with your partner, you could be thinking about these fetishes just to help you get off.

Some types of fetishes can be a big taboo for many people and some may even consider them somewhat abnormal. Being obsessively fixated on things is not a disease but you don't want it to interfere with your relationship with your partner and how you see sex altogether.

So you might ask, how does your fetish stand compared to other guys of your same sexual preference and age? Surprisingly, almost everybody has them and its a natural attachment to someone or something. But how far you would go to satisfy your sexual desires is what makes each person different from the other.

The same thing applies when we get escorts in Romford. We may seek qualities that satisfy our excessive devotion to something such as a big bust, butt, brunette or blonde etc. It can just all boil down to having a physical attraction to that and nothing else. At the end of the day, its how you manage these deep physical attractions that makes you a real man.

If you're wondering if yours is bad, here are some of the things that fall onto the ordinary list: feet, boobs, butt, and other body parts, shoes, lingerie, and qualities such as being dominant or submissive. So yours is not on the list? Don't worry, it could still be one of the most common things soon, as more and more people become more open to the idea of fetish and as people to begin to fully understand what it is and how it affects a man's desire to have sex.

A few cases of ungovernable male fetishes have been reported and each warrants advance psychological intervention. So as long as your fetish does not interfere with your sexual health you're on safe ground. But as soon as you feel that its affecting your idea of sex and your relationship with your partner, then better get help soon. A visit to a professional can easily reverse the problem and offer you effective, personal treatment that can change the tide of your extreme, abnormal fetish.