Male Social Etiquette

When you think about Facebook or Twitter and you come across the truth behind these ever-growing and expanding ventures and how they managed to make it into the social sphere of men, you begin to realise that in order to be a man, you need to be a sociable person first. If you think about it, humans are innate social beings, and although you claim to enjoy the solitude of your own life, and talk to no one but yourself or sometimes your shower, this doesn't mean that you’re not wired to mingle and socialise, and with the surge of social media networks, there is definitely no stopping solitary living from becoming instinct. In fact, most men prefer to be in a party nowadays than to spend their days in the confines of their room. But we all know how men can be a bit clumsy and unapologetic at times, so we rounded up some of the worst social antics you can pull off anywhere.

Imagine yourself on a date with a hot girl, say a London escort, who could potentially be your future girl, and then you crack your knuckles thinking that she won’t notice and she’ll let it pass. Well, you’re wrong. Women notice almost everything that a man does. So be wary the next time you crack your knuckles, you’re probably cracking your way out of a potential relationship.

And let’s not leave out the fact that when you’re nervous. You tend to be socially awkward. You scratch your face, you pick at your body and you do all sorts of things that you think will keep you at ease, but tell you what, the only thing easy you’re going to get from it is the boot. And no, gyrating back and forth as if you’re a battery-operated machine isn’t amusing either, it’s annoying.

Then there are the times where we want express our emotions physically. And while holding hands is allowed, excessive touching isn’t. Touchy-feely behaviour from a man is unacceptable in more ways than one, unless you’re sharing the bed with that woman already. No groping from the back, touching her behind and putting your hands all over her body, none of that should happen in a socially active situation.

Don’t get too much at ease, just because you’re having a good salvo with a hot officemate, doesn’t mean that you’ve impressed her with your social skills. Your eyes can give you away, especially if you find her intimidating. Shifting eyes is more of a giveaway than a cover up. When you shift your attention from her to another person, you’re practically saying that you’re not good enough to handle her, and that leaves a very bad statement.

And perhaps the most socially awkward antic you can pull off is swearing. We all know that men love to cuss, swear and give names to people, but you should never do that in front of a lady or anyone else. It maybe a private joke for you and your buddies but when you’re trying to land a date, swearing is only going to get you one thing - That woman will swear never to see you again.