A Mans Pitfall - How not to ruin your appearance

There are many ways that you can improve your appearance, from exercise to diet to proper grooming. But just as there are as many of these you can use to your advantage, there are those that can make you ruin it- for good. While most men claim that they are not vain, the reality is quite the contrary. A lot of men veer towards vanity more than women do. Male Hollywood celebrities, male models and the like. We all want to look like them so what do we do? We resort to quick fixes and regimens that can help us look good in a few days and ruin the rest of our lives.

So we start by saying that most men care enough for their skin but not quite good enough. While it is normal for a man not to be meticulous over skin care products, it is what’s considerably best. Dry skin, uneven skin tone and even skin diseases may arise if we continue to use skin care products that are not right for our skin type, resulting to an overall poor appearance and general well-being, something that a confident modern gentleman shouldn’t possess if he can help himself.

Don’t consider yourself lucky if you drink eight glasses of water a day, this doesn't mean you are far better than the rest. Most men indulge themselves in diuretics and we all know how it turns out. Alcoholic drinks and coffee result in excessive release of water in the body and leave the skin looking dry and unhealthy. Something your woman doesn’t want to see, feel or touch.

And there goes the case of the over-achiever. And this doesn’t mean at work, it means with your body. Just because you’re working out 8 days a week, 25 hours a day doesn't mean you’re entitled to indulge in all the greasy, unhealthy food out on the market. Eating healthy is still one of the best ways to look and feel good. And it goes without saying that drinking too much isn’t an exception. Sure, we like to drink, all men do, but drinking too much causes you to ruin the body you’ve worked hard for.

But the most effective way to totally screw up your appearance is by excessive smoking and as you may have heard from a lot of public service announcements, smoking is indeed bad for your health. And while there is a lot of truth in this, smoking also is bad for your looks. And if you think that smoking in public places be it a bar filled with nicotine-puffing buddies or in bed with a steaming-hot London escort you just met, smoking will only leave your skin dry, dull and dead, not to mention, unattractive.

These are just some of the ways that you can lose your flawless face, your inimitable body and that healthy-looking skin. And I am sure that there’s more, but before you think of doing all those, try to remember, no woman will ever be attracted to a man who can barely even take care of himself.