How to Meet at a Bar

So you're getting ready for a night out with some friends and are hoping to meet a lovely and attractive woman who you can potentially see yourself pursuing, but you have absolutely no idea how to go about it? Maybe you've never met anyone this way before or maybe you've never dated anyone. Whatever your reason may be for reading this article, it will definitely be able to help you build the courage to go after that girl at the end of the night.

When planning a night out, make sure you wear clothes that women like to see their men in, as well as dressing to your tastes as well. You don't want to be wearing a suit and dressed to impress, if you aren't typically prim and proper. Location is also a great factor when deciding how to dress. That suit won't look great if you are over dressed for where you are going! On the other hand, you don't want to look under-dressed, nerdy or like you've just finished work. A quick search online as to which fashions are currently popular amongst men can definitely help.

Smell good! Ask any woman who walks past a man who is wearing a good aftershave, and she'll definitely be impressed! Women love good smelling men!

Drink before you go out but don't get hammered! Having a drink or two beforehand will allow you to relax and feel more confident.

Go out with some friends, any friends will work. A good mix of friends that are single, attached, have a lot of girlfriends, or that are good wing men, is always a great idea and will help a group conversation keep flowing if all else fails. Avoid going solo or with people who are party poopers. No one wants to be around someone who can't laugh or have fun.

If you are a nervous wreck and find yourself fidgeting, then grab yourself a drink. Having it in your hand will allow you to keep your fidgeting to a minimum, which will also make you appear more confident, and woman do love confident men.

Now smile, laugh, and have a good time! If you're walking through a crowded place, flash a smile to that girl you spotted earlier, or let her be served prior to you at the bar. Whatever you do, just be confident and enjoy your time. If you are genuinely having fun, the woman might even approach you first and save you from that nerve-wracking experience of walking up to a woman who may potentially turn you down.