Memories of My First Time with a Watford Escort

I am sitting in a lovely hotel room, just off the M1 near Watford. With me is the lovely Arisa (not her real name) who has proceeded to suck my cock just enough to the point where you could check my pulse by just watching my member throb. Yes, she's that good. Or maybe I'm that horny.

Arisa is a lovely Estonian girl who just turned twenty two. She came to England about a year ago to study and after completing one semester or so, she's decided to take a break and earn some extra cash on the side, to which I have generously contributed over the past few weeks. At just under five feet and six inches, her frame is womanly and her body the epitome of femininity.

Her 34D cup breasts are tipped with pink rose buds of nipples and her delicious cunt is hidden away amongst the smooth folds of her sex. At my request she's grown her auburn hair past her shoulders where they meet between her shoulder blades. As a child she says she used to be a gymnast. And by golly does it show. I like a girl that can keep up and be creative at the same time in bed.

"Harvey," there's that mischief in her brown eyes when she calls me that. "You're absolutely throbbing and looking very funny typing away at that computer." She throws a pillow at my head. The thing I like about Arisa is that she loves sex as much as I do. Almost if not more, but then again I've always thought that women appreciated and enjoyed sex more than men did. I've found that if harnessed right, the female sex drive can really be something.

"Just a minute, I'm going to finish off this post and we can have sex."

"Your face can have sex." I love her silly comments. Then she lies on her belly, head and shoulders hunched up and watches the TV. From this angle, I can see the small curve of her back where her ass starts and can just make out the two small dimples there. Her well-manicured feet dangle away as she changes channels.

Through my travels I meet many women of her profession. There's always a big ruckus about men and prostitutes. Well let me just say, for as long as men will be men they will need sex one way or another. That's a very broad and dangerous way to put it, but it's true. Those of us with little patience find their way. Some use money, other pathetic and weak bastards use force.

I am impatient, but I use the money factor. Every now and again, I'll get lucky and get sex otherwise but there's something about going to a prostitute, call girl, hooker, etc. for sex. The moment you make the call, you are aroused. You know you'll be having sex and it'll be good. It's the same with finding friends with benefits. You know its going to be a fucking good time.

Anyways, so it was with that impatience that in a rather cold month of December, I decided to visit a call girl and be done with my virginity. I'll get back to that later. I was in this very city Watford and strangely, in this very hotel. I had turned 21 the month before but didn't have the time to celebrate. Instead of buying a silly present, of which I would not have much use for later, I decided to get a much more personal present. I looked online and researched for a day or two searching for an escort in the Watford area. I made sure to find an agency of repute, which had a girl that was decent enough for first timers. I kept my hopes low and dialed the number.

I remember the receptionists voice when she greeted me and asked what I was looking for this evening. I told her I'd like to spend some time with Sasha.

"I'm afraid she's unavailable mate." Drat! "But could I recommend Lily?"

"Um, well it's my first time using this... uh service." She replied "That's okay, mate, Lily will be perfect for you."

We established the monetary issue and I was told that Lily would call me.

Approximately 3 minutes later, I got a call.

"Is this Harvey?" Spoke a very Russian sounding woman.


"This is Lily."

Pleasantries aside, she gave me a train station to go to and told me to give her a call when I got there. Very Mission Impossible like. Anyways, my good ol' six incher was beginning to act like a dog that was about to be taken for a walk. It just couldn't sit still. If it could have yelped, it would've.

Anyways, a short while later I arrived at Watford Junction train station. Keep in mind that this was winter and a bit nippy. So I called Lily. She told me to take a corner and walk towards a hotel where I would meet her in room 316. I hurried along, suddenly unaware of the December air about me, and walked into the hotel and dashed into the lift.

A few seconds later, there I was at the door. I knocked. She answered. I almost came. She was a good half foot taller than me (I'm almost 6 foot) thanks to the stripper heels she was wearing, wow! Watford Escorts are great. She ushered me in whilst wearing a towel around her and with a smile that was cradled in thick red lips. Somebody just didn't spare the lipstick. Lily had thick curls of red hair, her shoulders and cheeks sprinkled with freckles, with rather bright green eyes. I couldn't get my eyes off her breasts which seemed very supple.

"Okay, you put money on table and take shower?" She had to say that twice for me to take notice. I kept the envelope on the table and then proceeded to take a shower, she handed me a towel as I went in. My cock was gorging with excitement the moment I took off my clothes. It stayed that way until I finished the shower and proceeded to walk out in my towel.

Lily giggled, "I see you ready?" She motioned to my anxious member. She was sitting on the edge of the bed and motioned me to come closer. Her soft hands pulled the towel away and my cock was inches away from her face--I could already feel her breath on it. She took it in her hands and licked from my ball sack all the way up to the tip. The soft, moist, sensation was unbelievable. Her lips opened as my cock entered her mouth--in the silence of the room, I could hear my breathing and her soft sucking sounds. Her mouth was incredibly warm and wet, something my cock really agreed with. I put a hand on her shoulder and then slid the other into her towel. She pulled her towel open just as my hand cupped her breast, fingers instantly finding the nipples and tweaking them. Her lips traveled further down on my cock and I let out a gasp.

"Are you okay?" A trail of her saliva stuck between her lips and my cock.

"Oh I'm doing great, please keep going."

Her hands snaked their way over my ass as she bobbed her head up and down my cock, stopping ever so often to slurp loudly around the head. Both of my hands now found their way onto her breasts--I squeezed them hard and she moaned around my cock. It was strange and it was heavenly. As if things couldn't go better for my cock suddenly even more so. Pulling back to just her lips around my cock she immediately swallowed it--in one swift motion her lips were at the base of my cock. And my cock was being squeezed ever so by the back of her tight, warm, wet throat. It was too much for me. A bolt of electricity shot up from the base of my spine all the way up to my head. My toes curled and that all too familiar sensation began in my balls as I started to cum.

"I'm cumming!" She immediately pulled back, just in time for the first few spurts to hit her on the lips. All the while her hands were stroking me and milking me till the very last drop. Ropes and spurts of cum splashed between her breasts and on her chin. She might have had some in her mouth too because she was drooling over my cock just to make it seem more porno. Anyways, I wasn't too bothered with that thought at the moment. I just had an incredible blowjob and had now collapsed on the bed next to her.

For some reason my hands weren't satisfied with her body--and as she sat there wiping cum from between her tits, her face and on her thighs, I ran my hand over her back. It was as if my hand was eating up the texture of her skin. I saw my fingers trace each freckle on her back as if to connect the dots. She didn't seem to mind. Suddenly, she got up. Drat, I spoke too soon. She disappeared into the washroom and left me alone in the room.

It was as if I saw the room for the first time. It was adequate and homely with all the necessary things to make you believe you were at a hotel. Nothing too posh though. Very, very average. I got up and checked out the window. It seemed that most of Watford didn't want to get out. The road was terribly empty and the wind seemed to pick up. I heard the bathroom door behind me and I turned to see Lily in all her glory. She was slender for a tall girl, her frame marked by her breasts and her hips which held between them her neatly trimmed sex.

"First time?" Again, it took her two questions to ask me as I was totally engrossed in her body. And yes, it was my first time--or would be in a bit. You see, I was the shy guy. The guy who would talk to girls all night long and then in the end--you guessed it--got labeled the Best Friend. Well, my patience ran thin and then just went out the window--or as the case may be, all over Lily's tits and face. Anyway, I still listen to all my female friends all night long. Though thankfully now I just don't drive myself up the wall with their banters.

I nodded yes. Lily smiled, "That is why you go again? This time we have sex?" No sweeter words have ever been spoken to me by a woman. Well, there was "Let's Fuck." But there's something so formal and etiquette like attached to the simple words of "We have sex?" I don't know, maybe I'm just old fashioned.

Lily stepped closer and kissed me on the lips. My cock pressed between our bodies as my hands slid down her back and grasped her ass--which was quite firm. We kissed but I soon discovered she wasn't too keen on the tongue--a fact that many call girls share. But I didn't mind, I had a naked chick to my disposal. My hands, my cock, were both quite pleased. We kissed and groped for a while before she led me to the bed. My cock--although not quite hard--was in a state of arousal nonetheless.

Lily tugged at my cock and made me sit on the bed. "How do you like it?"

"Um, I don't mind. Er, you on top?" I asked tentatively. She smiled and reached over into the drawer and pulled out a condom. She motioned for me to scoot over on the bed and sat down beside me. Lily started to tear the packet open and then she noticed something. "Seems you need a bit help." Reaching over for another tissue she cleaned up the remnants of my cum from my cock and then proceeded to go down on me again. It was more mechanical this time around--but the enthusiasm was still there. A few short moments--and slurps--later, I was ready to go. My cock was wrapped in the condom and Lily straddled me. It was an interesting sight, watching her hold my cock and guide it in slowly. I gasped at the tightening sensation working its way along the length of my cock. My hands instinctively found her waist and my hips urged upwards. An ecstatic moment later, I felt her ass on my lap.

For moments, I just breathed. Lily's face was a mixture of pleasure and that same mechanical smile that greeted me at the door. Perhaps it was all mechanical. Right now I was concentrating on the feeling of her cunt around my cock. I had seen it disappear within the confines of her sex and now saw her clit stick out against my pubic bone. Slowly she gyrated herself. It was an alien, yet pleasurable feeling. I slid my hands over her breasts. She pulled a classic porn star pose by lifting her hands over her head, pulling her hair back. Slowly she lifted herself at the knees, pulling up to just the tip of my cock and then settling down again--gyrating as her hips met my lap.

It was a nice rhythm she had built up and I was content for the moment. I leaned forward and put a nipple between my lips, squeezing the other breast at the same time. Perhaps I was a bit enthusiastic, "Please! Easy!" Or perhaps I was just too darn horny. We continued to copulate as such and then, on one of her down strokes, I held her back.

"Can we do doggy style?" She smiled that mechanical smile again. It was a yes. Suddenly, it dawned on me that I could make her do a certain amount of things for the amount that I had paid. Her body was mine for that duration of time--for the sake of my pleasure. She slowly got up off of me and my cock fell onto my belly with a flapping noise. I got up and sat back while she got on her hands and knees in front of me--offering her sex to me from behind. I got behind her, and felt her sex with one hand and my cock with another--hey I was relatively new at this.

Sliding my cock slowly in, I noticed that this was a slightly different sensation with how it felt with her on top. I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled myself in once again. In and then out. Slowly. I was getting used to it. Before I knew how it happened, I was literally ball slapping fucking her from behind. Her breath grew sharper with each thrust that I'd ram in and I started to build up a sweat. Taking a breather, I held myself in her and grasped her tits from behind. Again, in true machine like fashion she reached up and did that thing with her hair again--and gave me access to her tits. They felt so good, even more so now that I was fucking her. But my appetite was just growing.

"Me on top?" She smiled again and leaned forward, pulling herself off of me and rolling over. She spread her legs wide and I saw the folds of her sex slowly yawn open in anticipation. I gripped the back of her knees and aimed my cock against her cunt. She held it and pushed it in as I moved forward. In and out, we slowly built another rhythm. I kept her legs in the air with my hands and watched her tits jiggle every time I bucked my hips. Then, I felt it. That all too familiar feeling building up within me. Perhaps it began to show on my face, because all of a sudden Lily became very vocal.

"Oh fuck me, yes, yes." She crooned and moaned again and again. And it worked. Like clockwork I trembled, my toes curling as I thrust in once again and held myself there whilst my balls unloaded their cum baggage into the confines of the condom. I moaned out loud in ecstasy and fell on top of her. It took me a minute to compose myself and pull myself off of her. Even then I was still breathless.

I was still catching my breath when she said, "You take another shower? Tea? Coffee?"

I sighed, "I'll take that shower, please."

"Good, you take shower now, please." I guess that was my queue to leave. I showered and cleaned myself up. And before leaving I gave Lily--who was now in a pair of jeans and a saggy sweatshirt--a hug and a kiss. "Please call again?" And then I walked back into the night--from whence I came.

I thought I would. But later, upon reflection, I knew Lily was not the girl I was looking for. Sure, she was fun with the sex. But there was the all too mechanical aspect of it too--for which I didn't blame Lily. She probably sees so many guys in one day that she has to do that. I kinda felt sorry for her.

"Harvey! Enough!" I hear the impatience in Arisa's voice. "Coming, babe," I say now, as I end this post--It was a pleasure and a kind of an orgasm unto itself to post my thoughts down. I don't want any comments of this being true or false. Or a moral chat about anything. I just want to talk about sex. My exploits, my exploits with a Watford Escort. Sex talk, sex discussion, porn talk, porn discussion.

Now if you excuse me. I'm going to have me some coitus.