Men fall in Love Faster

Recent research shows that men fall faster in love than women. Maybe this is why men seem clingier and more attached than women. This is only one of the few surveys that debunk certain men and women myths. Another myth was that women like to cuddle more than men when in fact men prefer to cuddle than to actually have sex.

A study made by Rutgers University argues that since men are more visual they're more likely to fall in love faster. Following the train of thought of the study, men love staring at nice breasts busty and small, long legs, and pretty faces, which causes them to obsess over a woman they have just met. Because of these visuals provided by women, we instantly fall in love with a woman's physical attributes.

For women it's different. According to the study, women first want to determine if a man will be a good father. Now, since men are visual it's difficult not to fall in love with a beautiful woman. Based on the study, men need to be more guarded with their emotions to avoid this conundrum.

If you're looking for love then it makes sense if you visit the local night clubs and a variety of other places where you can meet women. The gym, health spas, sports bars, museums, and parks are just some of these places. It is more likely for men to feel more at ease at these places and who knows what romantic scenes could take place. The study claims that men are more romantic than women, so why not put it to the test.

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Here's a scenario: you arrive in London with no one accompanying you. Do you take in the sights by yourself or would you rather be with a beautiful female who knows the best tourist spots in the city? Of course you would want the latter! But using the findings of the study be careful not to fall in love. It's easy to develop feelings for the Richmond escorts and you can never have too much of a good thing. After only one night with those gorgeous females, you'll be sure to go back for more, even if you aren't a tourist.