Are Men, the new Women

Men are to sex as women are to cuddling, at least that’s how basic sexual analogy would put it. But in a recent encounter with a London escort, she said that a lot of men nowadays, cuddle more than women do. Surprised? Shocked? Confused? Those were the same reactions other women had when they heard about it. We couldn’t think of a valid reason for such an observation, except for one thing, are men the new women?

Normally, sexual pleasure is attributed to men and romantic pleasures are attributed to women, but with this new school of thought, it seems as if it’s the other way around. Women care more about sex and men give high regard to relationships, a strange phenomenon as most of you would say.

The stereotypical society we live in right now would dictate that men should prefer sex to relationships and women, relationships over sex. But according to studies, the reversal of roles in a sexual relationship is normal. There are times that a man would put more value to sex and less in a relationship, mainly because they are not easy inventors like women. Women, on the other hand, invest easily in men and their sexual relationship, for the very reason that it is a woman’s sexuality that gives her the power over a man. But over time, they switch roles, sometimes unconsciously as they become closer in the relationship. Because of their sexual bond, a man believes that in order to keep his partner happy, he should give high regard to their relationship. And a woman would devote all of her energy to please a man through sex, thinking that men only care about orgasms.

At first, this kind of perspective is confusing if not disconcerting. There is just too much to swallow, reversal of roles, men being women, women becoming men. It all sounds crazy but it isn’t. There is some truth in this. A good relationship is a result of great sex and great sex only happens when a man becomes aware of the needs of his partner. When he becomes giving and unselfish in bed, the woman responds accordingly by making him feel that he is a better husband or partner, which is the ultimate gratification for a man.

Despite all the confusion caused by this growing occurrence, one thing is for sure: that men care about relationships as much as women do and women want to have sex as much as men do. But sex in this aspect, isn’t just about reaching the pinnacle of pleasure, it’s about finding what makes a woman happy and satisfied, a discovery of some sort, not a goal to be attained. Goal-oriented sex is the death of sex. After all, if she cuddles you at the end of a hot sex session, then you probably did one thing right, and you like that. We know you do.