5 Reasons Why Partying Can Make You Old


When you’re young, partying seems to be an inevitable part of your daily life. Nightly partying here and there, drinking almost everywhere and hooking up with every girl you meet. But when nature and genetics is starting to set in, things can change drastically. Research shows that constant partying can cause age related issues such as greying hair, bald spots, hearing loss and much more. Not only that, partying is a sign of showing off, whether you’re a wall flower or a scene stealer, the fact of the matter is, you’re in that party and you’re trying to get a girl to like you (if not hook up with you.) and studies show that men who show off have higher chances of finding a mate during the early stages of relationships and tend to display signs of ageing faster than those who are naturally restrained. This just goes to show that all men have equal chances of finding a partner, but some are just a little too aggressive.

So before you hit your 30s and party the rest of your life away, here are some reasons why you should consider partying at a normal rate.

  1. The Drinking- when we party, we almost instantaneously order soda, or any high phosphate drink. And from the get-go, these kinds of drink contribute to premature ageing, not to mention digestive problems. And if that’s not enough, drinking soda every night increases your chances of losing muscle mass, and for a show off, that’s not going to be good.
  2. The Crowd- when you live near a night club or a bar, most especially within the neighbourhood of London escorts, tendencies are, you’ll party more than those who live further from that place. Why? Because you can’t resist the call of temptation. The loud noise coming from the bar across the street, the women dressed in their skimpiest clothing waiting to noticed, and your buddies who almost always never fail to pick you up at your house just to party. All that is a considerable cause for an early decline.
  3. The Lack of Exercise- If you think partying is going to make you look good, think again. It’s not, but exercise will. Working out has always been good for anyone, but not when you do it every day. Skipping on your workouts for late night partying is definitely going to do some damage to your body. Don’t count the flab, just the fact that you’re losing your grip of your body.
  4. The Multitasking- now we know you want to impress that girl right across the bar, but you can’t do that if you’ve got your hands on your phone and your drink. Doing 3 to 5 things at the same time is a sure-fire way to kill your brain cells. You don’t want to be sporting Alzheimers in your 30s, do you?
  5. The Late Night Drama- and last but definitely not the least reason why you should consider staying home on a Friday night, is because not getting enough sleep everyday ages your brain about 3-5 years more. The late night drama you’re having outside in a bar, with a girl, isn’t going to do you any good. Don’t skip a good nights rest for partying. Sleep gives you enough reason to live happily and healthily, so if you decide that a Tequila isn’t worth it, your bed will always be waiting for you.