How to Age Without Ageing


Some men defy the laws of nature, and by that we mean, ageing. As we all know, women tend to age faster than men. With all our vices, we are certain that nature and genetics will catch up with us before we even notice, but with the exception of a few are those who seem to age without ageing. They look and feel better even after they've hit the big 40. Some men over 40 are even able to hang out with young and beautiful London escorts without them looking like sugar daddies and so we are left to wonder, what do these men do that makes them age like fine wine? Here are some lessons from men who get better as they age:

Exercise; staying in shape is probably the most basic rule of keeping fit and healthy despite your age. Studies have proven that a regular 1-hour routine everyday helps maintain your general well being. But don't get confused, exercise isn't just a physical thing its also psychological. Many studies have shown that men who work out with the right mental disposition and realistic goals are more likely to age better than those who work out with no mental conditioning. The reason being that the brain needs to release a hormone known as serotonin, which helps alleviate stress and other related complications.

Another trick of the trade for the ageing man is to not let their hair down, and by that we mean, let your hair thin in style as you age. Most men from the age of 30 start to lose their hair, and although this may not pose a threat to many of you, it wont hurt to pay close attention to your hair. Be sure to keep your hair short so as to divert the attention to your face instead of your bald spot or your receding hairline. A man with clean-cut hair and a clean-shaven face will be most likely to get the approval of women.

But what really makes a man age elegantly is his timeless appeal. Some older men develop confidence, sex appeal and strong stature as they age. Perhaps because they are smarter, wiser and bolder with their decisions. But what makes it compelling is how they handle themselves and exude such timelessness beneath the grey hair, designer stubble and well-earned wrinkles, they still look as good as when they were in their 20s. Certainly, men of a certain age are a living proof of the old saying that age is just a number.