Athlete’s Foot


Athletes foot (Trichophyton/tinea pedis) is a skin infection caused by a ringworm fungus (tinea) that is commonly found under the feet. This happens when the feet or even other parts body parts remain warm and moist. They can then become irritated and the fungus is then able to survive and cause infection to the skins upper layers.

This fungus can thrive in locker rooms, gym floors, nail salons, swimming pools, socks and other clothing and also airport security lines. This fungus can be spread from person to person or contact from objects where the fungus lives by walking barefoot but not always contagious. Hopefully London escorts will not be infected. Without a moist, warm environment which is the proper environment for the fungus, the skin may not be easily infected.

Athletes foot comes with itching, burning and dry, flaky skin. Severe cases of athletes foot can be pain, cracking and bleeding under the feet. You can ask your London escort to help you take care of these. These dry flakes if not noticed in time can spread to the tops and sides of the feet. The most common place for it to start is between the fourth and fifth toes where moisture tends to reside.

In men, two feet and one palm is common. This is when the athletes foot is presented as a rash on both or one foot and it also involves the hand. The hand fungal infections are known as tinea manuum. No one knows the reason as to why only one hand is infected.

With athletes foot, groin ringworm (tinea cruris) may also present itself. If this occurs it is important to check the feet and toenails as well as other potential sources so that all fungal infections can be treated to avoid re-infection.

In order to treat athletes foot you must make the infected area less suitable for the fungus to survive. This entails keeping the area of infection dry and clean. It is suggested to buy shoes made from breathable materials such as leather and absorbent socks such as cotton.

Medicated powders with miconazole or tolnaftate can help in keeping your feet dry. You can also soak your feet in aluminium acetate which is a drying solution.

If you want to try a home-made remedy of using four parts water and one part white vinegar and soak your feet once or twice a day for at least ten minutes.

Antifungal creams and washes could also be used as treatment such as Spectazole, Lotrimin, Lamisil and Nizoral. Treatments should be ongoing for a period of four weeks or until after all the symptoms have cleared up. After that you are free to have a London escort over without fear of infecting her.