Back pain relievers


If you have ever suffered from a back injury you will know how painful it can be. At times you are up and other times you are flat on your bed because there is nothing else you can do. Some prescribed medications get so accustomed to your body that they are no longer effective and as well as that, you need to consider the many side effects that they carry. Back pain can disturb your daily routine whether you like it or not, especially when you are prepared to finally meet your London escort.

The usage of ice is one of the traditional ways of reducing back pain. Though it is traditional it is very effective. When you have a back injury a doctor usually prescribes medication with anti- inflammatory drugs in it, since the muscles in your back are more than likely to be inflamed. What ice does once applied to your back, is numbs the muscles as well as helping them to become less strained. The coldness from the ice helps with the reduction of swelling as well as bruising. This is one method that brings immediate back relief. If you don’t have an ice pack you could ask a family member or friend to apply ice wrapped in a towel for about 10 minutes at a time for at least 24-48 hours.

If however the ice does not seem to be working, you can alternate this with a heat pack and it will provide the relief that you are desperately seeking. Combining both the heat and the cold works wonders. The heat brings relief to your sore muscles and the coldness reduces the swelling.

Persons suffering with back pain can also adjust their diets to help reduce the pain. Raw vegetables steamed or lightly cooked and large quantities of fresh fruits should be added as a daily supplement. It is advised that foods of fatty, fried, spicy, sweet, and high sugar contents should be avoided. Smoking and tobacco intake should also be stopped.

Two or three Garlic capsules are recommended daily, as they are beneficial in the restoration of the backbone. You can also prepare oil from garlic and rub it on your back which is known to provide great relief as well. In order to get the garlic oil you would need 60 grams of oil and about 10 cloves. All you have to do is fry the garlic in the oil until it gets brown, wait for the oil to cool then apply to your back and leave it there for about three hours. If you can’t get a friend or family member to rub it in, you could always ask a London escort.