Birth Control for Guys


Your girl wants kids, but you're not ready yet. What do you need to do? Well, just wear a condom and wear it right. Condoms are your best friend when it comes to sex. They keep you protected with no side effects and definitely nothing more than just a thin piece of rubber on your penis to keep you from being an accidental father.

And while you may think that birth control is none of your business, truth is, you are in it as much as your partner. In fact, men have it easy with birth control. Women need to inject foreign objects inside their bodies, or take pills with hormonal side effects and even get prescription drugs just to make sure that they don't conceive when they're not ready. So you see, birth control is not rocket science.

But how exactly should you deal with the issue of having kids? We asked Wembley escorts to share their secrets to successful birth control.

First on their list is to make sure that both partners are treading the same direction in terms of having kids. Pregnancy is no easy deed, and if you feel like your woman is not being as cautious as you are, you should never be ashamed to bring it up. Talk about it openly so you wont be misled.

If simply being open doesn't make you feel secure, then you should try to explore making use of contraceptives. But never insist on making her take the oral ones, pregnancy prevention maybe both of your concerns, but taking pills is not your job. Its not the same as putting on a condom where you can just put it on and take it off, women have varying reactions to pills, and hormonal imbalances may occur.

And if she agrees to take the pill, your responsibility to her doesn't end. Make sure that she doesn't skip it. If she takes it every day, you can be assured that you're both protected, even if you don't wear rubber on certain occasions. But as soon as she forgets, you'll be back treading the pregnancy scare path every time you do it.

But if you really want to make sure that she's protected and that there will be no slip-ups, from hormones or condoms, talking her into getting an IUD might just do the trick. According to some Wembley escorts who have been using IUDs for as long as they can remember, this is the safest, most effective of preventing unwanted pregnancy. After all, if she has it inside her, then there's no chance of her forgetting it.

Now if you're not in a committed relationship, then your best bet is a good old condom, and no, you cant reuse them!