Boys' Best Buddy - The Burger


Imagine you're eating a juicy, quarter-pound pure beef patty, grilled to perfection, smothered with caramelised onions, tangy pickles and fresh tomatoes, layered with oozing melted cheddar cheese, sandwiched between a soft, buttery-tasting bun. Craving for a burger? Well, if diamonds are girls' best friends, I believe burgers, aside from our hot London escorts, are boys' best friends.

Back in the 13th Century, a group of horseback-riding nomads known as Tartars ate horse meat, sometimes beef, tenderised by placing it under their saddles. After a day of horse riding, they chopped it up and ate it raw. This custom was introduced by traders to the area we now call Hamburg, Germany. Germans did not eat horse meat, but instead they served raw ground beef flavoured with garlic, spices and raw egg, which in today's world we call steak tartare. Later, around 1879, a dock-side restaurant owner from Hamburg served a meal of fried beef patty with fried egg on top and a couple of pickle slices, all sandwiched in two slices of buttered bread. American seamen would stop by and dine for this meal, paired with a mug of German beer. When the sailors returned home, they taught the restaurants how to make this sumptuous food. It became known to the Americans and they called it a "hamburger".

The hamburger is now enjoyed worldwide, served in different styles and tastes. It may be double, triple, or tower-layered. The patty may be pure beef, or mixed with ground pork, or made up with tofu (this is what the vegetarians call tofu burgers). It may be served with cheese or two, sometimes with a fried egg (sunny side up or scrambled), or drizzled with tomato ketchup, pickle relish, diced or caramelised onions, mustard and/or mayonnaise. Some opt not to munch on this food. Based on a 2000-calorie diet, a regular-sized hamburger comprises 31% of daily fat intake, 18% of daily cholesterol intake, and a whopping 41% of daily sodium intake. Obviously, cheeseburgers do much damage to those who are conscious of their daily caloric intake. Vegetarians or calorie-conscious people choose to eat tofu burgers instead, for they contain lesser fat and more proteins. Despite this "fatty" information, most of us just can't resist the charm of a greasy hamburger.

This chunky piece of bread and beef has evolved through time, and is loved by people of all ages, races and gender. Why wouldn't men love a hamburger, especially if it's served with London escorts