Calm before the Storm


Calm before the Storm: Exercise your way out of stress

So your big promotion is coming up and the interview is in 3 days, what do you do? There are so many things you can do but there is only one thing you shouldn't do - PANIC. Yes, the five-letter word that drives everyone crazy and prevents anyone from getting what they've been working hard for, but then again, men don't normally panic, so how do you know if you're having a panic attack?

Ask yourself these:

"Do you think about the situation too much that it renders you dysfunctional?"

"Do you think of the worst-case scenario the minute you receive the unfavourable news?"

"Do you bombard yourself with questions that are almost impossible to answer?"

If you answered, "yes" to all questions, then you probably are experiencing a panic attack.

But that's beside the point, the real problem here is how do you react to stress? How do you make it less stressful than it already is? Studies have shown that exercise pays a great deal in keeping you more pro-active and less reactive thus reducing your chances of anxiety and stress.

Working out may not have a direct effect on how a man handles stress but it does influence how a man responds to a stimulus such as stress. Simple exercises such as swimming, jogging, biking, hiking, even boxing all produce positive results in men, especially when done with commitment and consistency. In fact, studies show that men who are exposed to high levels of stress tend to become more active or engage in one or more workout routines to increase their stress threshold.

Exercising releases natural pain-relieving body chemicals known as endorphins. These hormones may help reduce anxiety especially when there's a constant resource for it and what better way to achieve this than through an intense workout.

And not only that, but the majority of the London escorts say that most men who work out, especially those in the business sector, tend to be more attractive to them than those who don't. The reason being, they exude such confidence that nothing can bring them down and women respond to that very well. This is the classic case of the "feel good inside-outside" mantra. When men have enough endorphins in their body, not only do they block off stress and anxiety, they also develop a certain degree of confidence, one that is not arrogant or boastful but endearing and captivating, no wonder women swoon over well-built men all the time.

So the next time you decide to give in to stress, think about the calories, the fat you can burn with a single circuit workout, and don't forget the women that will go crazy over you once they see your toned and muscular body, all that and more when you start stepping up your game.