The Circus of Losing Weight and How Impulsivity Influences it


Ever wondered why some people lose weight in one month and gain it back after a few months? How about those who work out yet binge a tub of chocolate ice cream right after? Now you may be surprised to find out that some people are genetically wired to be impulsive because we grew up thinking that impulsivity or personality has nothing to do with genetics or biology specifically in weight gain, but according to recent studies and experiments, impulsive people tend to make a circus out of losing weight.

The reason for such finding is the lack of commitment and dedication. From the definition of the trait itself, impulsive people are those always on the get-go of things. They do whatever pleases them at a certain time and place. But when it comes to losing weight, being impulsive never works. In fact, one cannot work out on impulse alone, because if they do, they will eventually tire out of it and might never go back to it again. Impulsive individuals lack discipline and restraint, the two most important values of losing weight. If you ask the experts, some of the most successful individuals are impulsive, either by nature or by association. While impulsivity works on a broader perspective, it fails when it comes to small decisions like maintaining weight.

While both men and women gain weight as they age, men are more prone to this kind of problem. Most men lose their control when they hit mid-20s, a time where taking risks and being impulsive is at its most attractive. Studies show that the more aggressive a man is, the higher the possibility for this kind of setback. Men who are competitive, antagonistic and cynical lose their control over certain things and obviously, their bodies are the first target of impulsivity. They binge eat, they consume alcohol like there's no tomorrow and some even lead to using drugs. All of which contribute to their lack of self-restraint.

According to Hatfield escorts, the majority of their clients are men who have let go of their bodies. Some are even high profile men who only wish to be seen with beautiful women to cover up for their impulsive behaviour.

Now, it may be hard to fathom how personality can affect weight gain, but it should not be disregarded. There has to be some truth in the fact that the way men behave directly affects their bodies. Drinking, smoking, all these vices are causes of fluctuating weight gain, and all these are effects of behavioural and psychological distress, so despite our efforts to justify our lack of self-control, our body proves to us otherwise.