Depression in Men


Depression is a serious condition that affects many men around the globe. In fact in the UK alone, more than six million men experience depression each year with research to back up that the number continues to rise. Europe and Asia have varying data on the number of people suffering from depression per country.

The number of cases of depression in men is the same as women, and both sexes exhibit almost the same symptoms although men tend to show those symptoms differently. Men respond to depression more intensely than women whereby they become more violent, irritable, and sometimes aggressive. Given these characteristic symptoms, diagnosing depression in men remains a big challenge in the medical community.

Machismo affects how men present the symptoms of depression. Because men are expected to be strong and associate emotions with weakness, most men think that the early symptoms they're feeling are related to mundane activities such as work, errands, personal affairs, and such like. This denial makes is difficult for men to easily identify the disease and seek help.

Loss of sexual desire is one indication of depression among young adults. Those who experience such symptoms link them to other diseases relating to their manhood which is wrong in most cases. Because of this, it makes them further avoid seeing a doctor themselves and thus remain untreated.

Sadness is also the most observable symptom of depression in men as well as in women, although men manifest it more subtly which usually goes unnoticed. Men also are four times more likely to end their lives perhaps because they are more resolved to more violent means like using guns and other fatal weapons.

How can we actually help ourselves when we are in that situation? If you feel that you manifest these symptoms, then seeing a medical professional is the most advisable thing to do. But talking to your closest friends or even your London escort helps as well, so make sure you know where and when to get help when depression strikes.

But most say that its easier said than done because most men aren't really open and find it hard to express their emotions due to cultural expectations. Men are expected to be strong and be able to overcome their own feelings and handle most situations in their lives with little or no help from anyone. This aspect of the disease can make it all the more difficult for men to get diagnosed and seek help.

The Internet is another resource for you to get help from depression. Organisations helping people suffering from this disease are now available on the Internet to help answer questions and offer customised help for people who can be afraid to come out and take advantage of traditional help channels.