Don’t be fooled by These Ageing Myths


Are you tired of comments such as you cant do that any more you're too old? or look at your mothers side of the family, or most of those men are bald its not going to be long before you join them. Another one you might hear is do not use so much gel in your hair when going to see Hemel Hempstead escorts it can cause you to lose your hair. These may be common things that you hear on a daily basis when you reach a certain age but how true are they? These are what are known as ageing myths.

I've heard people say well I'm getting old so the pounds are harder to drop. Is that true or are they just making excuses? As you get older your metabolism rate drops but this doesn't account for the weight that does not want to go away, for that you can blame the late night raids to the refrigerator. Weight may also be gained as you get older due to whatever medication you may be taking at the time. If you cant seem to shed those pounds on your own ask for your doctors advice I'm sure he'll be more than happy to help you.

I have always wondered why people believe that when you reach a certain age you should limit yourself to the amount of daily exercise that you should get. True you may be getting old ,but if these are exercises that you have been doing for the past ten years then it will be more detrimental to your health for you to stop. Vigorous exercises improve cardiovascular conditioning, so does a Hemel Hempstead escort. Exercising also prevents heart attacks and diabetes that is linked to being over weight. So go ahead and burn that fat.

How often have you heard this one? Hair loss comes from your mothers side? Hair loss is known to be hereditary but it doesn't mean that it only comes from your mothers side. Do a quick check on both sides of the family and assess how bad the damage is. Then you can do some research on how to save the hair that you have left!

Men these days use quite a lot of hair products such as wax, mousse, hair spray and the infamous gel. Can using these products really cause hair loss? Well from what was said previously we can without a doubt, answer no. These hair products however can make your hair brittle and frail. If you want healthy, shiny hair try to cut down a bit on the hair products.