Yes You Can Do Exercise at Work


Every day, you sit at your office chair for more than 8 hours facing your computer's monitor, spending most of your working hours typing, clicking and printing. You feel your bum is glued to the chair, your eyes stinging from all the computer work, your wrists feeling a bit numb, and your nape and lower back getting a little stiff and painful. Sitting all day for 5 consecutive days is definitely not a great experience. Your body will instinctively take action, telling you to move or even stretch a bit.

We know you guys are all craving for the weekend and most single men spend their rest days partying and mingling with girls like the London escorts- but let’s admit the fact that we have to deal with 5 days a week before we get to the weekend. The following is a list of small and easy-to-execute exercise that will help to ease your discomfort during work.

First of all, you need to be sitting with proper posture. Your back and shoulders should be straight, same with your neck. Avoid slouching or stooping. To avoid nape pain, you should maintain eye level with your computer monitor by adjusting it to your eye level. Proper alignment of the body will surely prevent discomfort.

Limited moving space? Small work cubicle? No worries; simple stretching and a little motion will do. Start with your neck by flexing forward, backward and sideward. Then down to your shoulders by rolling them forward then backward. Stretch your shoulder and neck muscles by shrugging. Next, hold your hands together and stretch out your arms like how you stretched your neck. Then shake your hands and roll your wrists. If you feel like doing so, arch your back, like how you stretch it when yawning. Stretch your legs by extending and bending your knees. You can also rotate your ankles.

You can rouse your senses and freshen yourself up by drinking water and taking trips to the refilling station. A simple walk like that helps promote good blood circulation, preventing your extremities from getting numb.

You should breathe deep during the activity. Your body needs a good supply of oxygen. Inhaling and exhaling also is a form of stretching (you are actually stretching your diaphragm), and it also helps in relaxing.

To prevent eye strains, once in a while look at other things in the office. Studies report that looking at something green helps relax the eyes. You can also shut your eyes for short periods.

Now, working for long periods of time won't be a pain in the ass anymore. You can easily do these exercises within your work space, spending only a bit of your time and no money at all. But you shouldn't exercise only during work; you should still find and spend time doing actual and sweat-producing exercises.