Exercises to keep Your Brain Healthy


All brawn and no brain. This is the term used for most, if not all men that have an enhanced physical physique. Men tend to concentrate more on their physical bodies than their cognitive skills. It is important to exercise your brain on a daily basis so that you are able to deal with what life throws at you on a regular basis. Yes, even Hitchin escorts

Most of us think that we are born with good memory skills. To maintain good memory you most train your brain through challenges such as memory games, memorising lyrics to a song you've never heard or doing every day practical skills such as dressing and brushing you teeth slightly different from your regular routine. When you do this, the neurons in your brain see this as something new and make new connections in the brain.

Have you ever driven to work and when you get out of the car you wonder how you got there? This happens to persons who have developed a regular routine. In order to increase your attention skills, which you need to complete your daily tasks, you may need to adjust your schedule which reactivates the part of your brain that appears to be sleeping because it has gotten so accustomed to your routine that it completes everything on auto-pilot.

Ever read a book and came across a word that you didn't know and just skim it over instead of looking for the meaning? Well welcome to the club. Enhancing our language skills through reading unfamiliar articles, being able to identify new words learnt as well as their meaning and being able to use these words in our every day vocabulary could earn us big points in the business arena especially in front of the boss. So why not try learning a new word every day?

Do you usually have to ask for directions more than once when getting to a place because you passed the landmark? In order to improve this cognitive function known as visual spatial, you can try a few exercises such as being able to identify objects in a room two hours after observation and then try writing it down. This helps your brain to focus on things within your environment.

Reasoning and logic skills also known as our executive function, are used in our every day lives without even a thought as to that this is what we are doing. Having discussions that require logical responses as well as playing video games which help us to deal with and come up with the best strategies all fall into this category.

It is very attractive to women, yes Hitchin escorts as well, to see a man flaunt his mental muscles as well as his physical physique.