Fitness’ Best Kept Secrets


A good tip is great; a great tip is awesome, whether it's a good gadget find, or a newly opened steakhouse, a chic coffee shop or a hot blonde escort lying across your lap! There's always something good about having inside information. Knowledge is power and men thrive on it, it gives them confidence, control and strength.

And just as knowledge is power, it is also the secret to a powerful body. We know some of you may still be sceptical, but in our quest for the right ways to lose weight, get fit and stay healthy, we've compiled some of the most effective ways to be the man you want to be, and we got them straight from the world's best fitness trainers.

But before you get all too excited about it, always remember that these tips will only be as effective as they should be if you DO THEM RIGHT. Form is very important in getting things right and you must not compromise this to get faster results.

Let's begin

Build Better Abs- we all know how we want to have the coveted washboard or 6 packs stomach, but just like any other muscle in the body, if you work your abs too much, that won't yield the results that you want.

Grow Muscle, Save Time- gaining muscle mass doesn't happen overnight, so instead of wasting your time and energy working those muscles out, let them grow on their own. The less time you spend on thinking about it, the more muscles you'll develop.

Protect Your Neck- one common mistake of men who workout is not protecting their head and neck. While it may seem trivial, making sure that your neck and head are well aligned is the key to an effective fitness routine.

Exercise in Order- there's a reason why it's called a routine, because you have to follow it exactly the way you should. And you should never skip one step out.

Do Core-Training- a healthy and fit man knows the purpose of having good core training. Strengthening your core is one way of achieving your fitness goals. If you want to get fit, then start from your core.

Use Shoes that Fit- ever heard of the saying that "if the shoe doesn't fit, you shouldn't be wearing it in the first place?" well it's the same for fitness shoes. The only way you can step on that treadmill is if your shoes are right for your feet.

Kill the Pill- they say taking supplements is good, but only if you're joining a professional body building competition. Nutritionists say that if you can kill the pill, kill it.

Drink Protein, Get Ripped- if you can provide your body with the right kind of protein and still maintain that workout routine, then you're definitely on your way to fitness success.

Blow off Your Belly- proper breathing is very useful especially when doing abdominal crunches. Remember to exercise proper breathing while working your abs. It's the best, the safest and the fastest way to get your abs.

Make Your Own Pace- gradually increasing your pace will not only give you the right leverage in building your body, but it will also help condition your mind and psyche to develop a pace that works for your body.

Follow these simple but effective fitness tips and you won't be hearing any other unsolicited advice on how to get fit and healthy.