Five Myths about Going to the Gym


So you've cashed in on an expensive gym membership to let yourself in on a more active lifestyle. Usually, men have two main goals in hitting the fitness centre: one is to achieve that ever-elusive rock-hard figure to impress the most gorgeous of women and two, to increase physical attributes in the spirit of one-upmanship in competitive sporting activities.

However, do not expect to see a haven of perfect bodies once you've set foot in a gym. Here are some of the myths you should throw out the window before you begin your workouts:

The gym is for the beautiful and the beautiful only. This has to be the greatest misconception about fitness gyms. While, yes, you may encounter celeb look-alikes (as well as actual personalities of the like) once in a while, but you have to understand that the gym is for people who seek guidance and the proper regimen to aid them in losing weight. Actually, the gym is for people like most of us, the average beer-guzzling Joe!

Achieve a Wayne Rooney-like game in no time at the gym. Look, the gym is indeed, the best place for you to improve your physical strength and quickness in preparation for your big game, but lifting weights and half an hour on the treadmill won't book you a ticket for a spot at the Champion's League. Instead, seek advice from trainers with regards to the proper training and diet regime to help you get the right results.

The heavier, the better. Sure, those Arnold Schwarzenegger photos posted around the gym looks quite motivational enough to mimic, but don't stress those muscles of yours. Instead, feel it out. It is advised that you start with your most comfortable pair of dumb bells, then work your way up afterwards. Don't be a show-off. Straining your muscles at the gym seems to be a more embarrassing situation than lifting those girlie 10-kilo weights.

An expensive membership means expensive gear. C'mon, you have just spent your half-a-year's worth of salary on that fitness centre, that doesn't mean that you're compelled to spend the other half on the most expensive workout clothing. All you need is a pair of athletic trainers, a comfortable set of gym clothes and you're all set. And, please, stop staring at the gym mirrors all the time. Instead, focus on your workouts!

I can go to the gym only when I feel like it. Always remember that paying for the gym membership is just half the battle. Part of this investment that you made is the time and focus that you should devote to your workout sessions. Ignore these and expect your hard-earned money to go kaput in no time. And expect your beer-belly to remain intact as well.