The Food Trap: Why You’re Really Not Losing Your Gut


Ever wonder why after several years of working out relentlessly to the point of killing yourself, you still cant get rid of your gut? Or how about that time in your life when you thought you were losing weight but in fact it was just plateauing all this time, and lets not forget the occasional trips to the supermarket where you go in with only 3 things in mind and end up going out with 3 baskets filled with items.

Nowadays, its pretty hard to betray your mind, most especially with working out and eating right. Organically, your mind will tell you to eat whatever you lay your hands on, and if you pay close attention to your habits, you will notice that most of the time, despite your eagerness to resist the call of food, you end up giving in anyway.

Now in order for you to truly bid farewell to that unwanted part of your body, you've got to know how to condition your mind properly and its not going to be easy. Tricking your mind is one thing, but betraying it is another. Here are some of the leading traps that men fall into in their venture to a gut-free body and how you can avoid them.

The most obvious trap would be social situations. More often than not, we feel pressured to binge on food because there's a celebration or a gathering of your friends. Overflowing booze, non-stop servings of greasy food and most of all, uncontrolled intake of alcohol, and we know how hard it is to resist the call of having a few bottles of beer or a rich helping of dessert, but if you want to avoid having that blubber belly on your body, always be ready with a comeback. Don't give in to the pressure, you can always decline the offer politely. Just say you're going out on a date after, or you've had a meal on your way to the party, that way, no one will force you to eat but yourself.

But if you think that avoiding the pressure of eating with your peers is enough to get you on the right track, then think again. Our greatest enemy is ourselves, thinking that were already thin is in no way of help to losing your gut, in fact, this just makes it worse. If everyone else is saying you've gained weight, then you probably have and there's no reason for you not to believe it, and if you're still not convinced, try taking a picture. If you can see that gut on your body, then you thought wrong.

Thinking that you're thin is different from being too hard on yourself. Studies show that because men are born perfectionists, they tend to overdo things a lot without realising the possible repercussions of the actions. Working out too much or dieting too much can cause long-term health-related problems, so its best to always set a more realistic goal for yourself and avoid treading the line to perfection. Also, if its worth anything, optimism goes a long way too. Who knows, the next time you go out, you might not even need to ask a Hertford escort to come with you, for they will be running after you instead!