Goals that Keep You Fit


Let's face it, getting fit and keeping at it is probably one of the most challenging things a man can ever endure. From the vast array of temptations waiting to be divulged by our inner carnal pleasures, we need to be able to control our desires, and the lack of motivation and peer pressure prevents us from doing so. But just because we haven't' been at it for a while doesn't mean we can no longer go back on track. In fact, you only need to do one thing to get yourself started: Set Your Goals.

While the majority of people we know workout and follow a diet regime with no clear objective at all, some who we've had an encounter with actually take time to set realistic goals to help them stay focus and to give them a sense of fulfilment every time one goal is ticked off their list. But how exactly would you do that? That's why you're reading this article, precisely to learn which fitness goals may or may not work for you, so if you're ready, let's begin.

1. Run at your own pace - now we know how the fad of running to get fit is quite high right now but that doesn't mean you should follow the bandwagon. The best way to introduce running into keeping you fit and healthy is to make sure that you don't over or underdo it. By this we mean, if you're used to running a 3 kilometre block around your neighbourhood, then it might not be good to kick up a notch to 10 km on your next run, you see, getting fit isn't in the gravity of the exercise but rather the frequency.

2. Do a specific number of exercises- another common mistake of men who engage in physical activity such as weight lifting and doing push ups and crunches is that they tend to lose count. And while essentially, the more, the better, the opposite applies for getting fit. As a rule of thumb, your body needs to adjust to certain pressures you apply to it, so it's best to keep a good track of how many push-ups or crunches you can do in one session.

3. Try to eat healthily everyday- this might come, as a surprise to a lot of men, but working out isn't the only ingredient you'll need to get fit. You've got to watch what you're eating as well. Learn to eat at least one vegetable or fruit every meal, every week so you're system will adjust to the fact that you're changing your intake of red meat for some healthy greens.

4. Aim to lose weight gradually- every smart man knows that losing weight isn't exactly the equivalent of getting fit. Staying fit means you are able to maintain a healthier disposition than you used to when you had the metabolism of a child. But as soon as the years catch up with you, you'll soon realise that it's better to lose more body fat, than actual body weight.

So you see, there are many goals you can set for yourself, including booking that hot London escort that you been wanting to do for such a long time! But always remember, goals are supposed to motivate you and encourage you to achieve them, not be disillusion.