Hair What


Women love a man that is well groomed, especially London escorts. They tend to touch your face, chest and back a lot more too, especially after sex. No woman likes to run her fingers through a man’s bodily hair that is the same length and thickness of the hair that is at the top of his head!

Have no fear however, since men are no longer ridiculed because they are “neatening up”. It’s the men who refuse and stay with all that extra body hair that have the problem now. This is now acceptable in the world of men. Facials and the use of multiple hair products is now the norm and women welcome it with open arms. This body grooming in a man’s world is also known as “manscaping”.

A great place to start with this “manscaping” is the armpits. When you and your girl or the London escort want to cuddle after getting intimate, where does she place her head? That’s right, right next to your armpit. Having all that hair in her face is not romantic at all and it does not end the mood right. It’s just plain gross. So trim your armpits and your girl will love you all the more if you trim your jungle.

Nothing turns a woman off more than the appearance of a man that looks as though he stuck carpet to his chest and back. Thinning your hair makes you look a lot more attractive especially at the beach.

Just as men like women who are shaven in their private parts, women would like the same courtesy when it comes to yours too! She would be a lot more enthusiastic to complete your blowjobs if she did not have to taste all that hair in her mouth. Shaving this area will also eliminate any bad body odour, which may also be a reason why she’s reluctant to visit your nether regions! Think about it.

With all the shaving, trimming and thinning that you will be doing, don’t go all razor crazy now and shave patterns in areas where you are trying to remove your hair, especially your pubic region. She may find it hilarious and you will just be embarrassed. So refrain from the patterns.

Remember when it comes to extra hair, men and women feel the same way. If you don’t need it, remove it. Did I mention that this was hygienic as well?