Happy Hour: Relieve Stress Effectively


So you're partying tonight, the question is, is your body ready for some alcohol and is your mind in the right condition for drinking? Beer drinking or Happy Hour as most would call it, is perhaps the most common way of relaxation for a lot of men. And nowadays, even women engage in this, too. But did you know that Happy Hour could actually cause unnecessary stress?

Here's how: drinking beer or any alcoholic beverage straight out of work when your mind is running off the adrenaline from stress, can only prolong your anxiety, if not worsen it, and if that's not enough damage, the stress and anxiety may heighten simultaneously with your drinking. In fact, alcohol prevents the release of cortisol, the body's natural defence against stress. The more alcohol you consume, the harder it is for your body to keep up with it.

But despite this unfortunate truth about happy hour and stress, there are some ways in which you can enjoy your down time without having to worry about it.

First thing you should do if you want to have drinks after a stressful day at work, is to let yourself cool down for a moment. Just like with working out, you need to let the stress simmer down, so when you start drinking, the alcohol wont prevent your body from coping. Cortisol is a pretty fast chemical to induce, so 30 minutes would probably do you some good.

But if you're the kind of guy who doesn't have much time to cool off that anxiety, then try keeping some company, like a group of women from Hemel Hempstead escorts. Its been said that men who are distracted while drinking will most likely cope up better than those who just drink away their anxiety. Having women or friends around makes the atmosphere lighter and more conducive for relaxation.

Another thing you can do is to when you unwind after a hard days work, is to make sure that you will never go back to work again after. Some men, who go out for some drinks then start working as soon as they get home, often build up stress and anxiety much higher than those who get drunk. Keeping your tension levels at plateau stage and not fully committing yourself to relaxing is found to be unhealthy and not recommended especially for those working in a corporate environment.

Stress at work can take its toll on anyone, so if you find yourself a window, perhaps an hour or two before heading out with your buddies, a quick trip to the gym would do you good. Just do everything else before you start drinking and you're sure to make that happy hour even better.