A Healthy Way of Smoking


How many times have you tried to quit smoking? How many times have you had to freshen up before kissing your girlfriend goodnight? How many times have you had to leave the comfort of your sofa to go outside and take a smoke? No longer do you have to go through these scenarios, with an electric cigarette you can change your lifestyle as well as improve your health.

There are quite a variety of electronic cigarettes in very high demand. The brands may be different but they all apply the same mechanism for them to function. The electronic cigarettes are the revolutionary way of smoking. They have also been proven to be the best way to quit smoking. A London escort is not as easy to quit though are they?

Due to its realistic look, feel and the smoke-like vapour it releases, it makes it an easier transition and a lot more fun to use than the gum or the patch. This new technology allows the smoker to consume nicotine without having the dangerous side effects, such as lung cancer, unlike traditional cigarettes that allow you to inhale unwanted chemicals and carcinogens.

This method of smoking is also more cost effective than the traditional cigarettes. These electronic cigarettes use nicotine cartridges, which have the same amount of life as a regular pack of cigarettes.

You no longer need to take your smoke outside but you can use the electronic cigarettes indoors, in restaurants and in airports, since the smoke that is being extracted from the electronic cigarette is a vapour due to the liquid nicotine used in the cartridge. They are more acceptable since they are smoke-less and ash free. I am sure the London escort will be pleased by this. You no longer need to smell like an ashtray after smoking. The term smoking is no longer in effect when it comes to this e-cigarette; its called vaping.

Unlike the traditional cigarette that has one taste, the e-cigarette has a variety of tastes you can try such as vanilla, chocolate and cherry just to name a few. A few brand names to associate with the electronic cigarettes are: South Beach Smoke, V2, Safe Cig and Blu.

If you are serious about quitting smoking, the electronic cigarette is definitely the way to go. You would not be the only person that approves of this step, she would too.