A Man’s Battle Against Obesity


Whenever we tell an overweight person to stay away from fatty foods, we feel that we are actually doing them a favour, but little do we realise that commenting such to a person who's going through a weight issue may backfire and result in more weight gain. Why? Studies have shown that men who are already overweight or obese do not like to be told that they are, so the more that we make them feel they need to lose weight, the more pressure is put upon their shoulders, and for most men, food is the best and safest way of coping with pressure.

Take for example a lovely Uxbridge escort who's been dating an overweight guy. She then tells him to lose weight in order to keep up with their sex life, and yes, obesity and weight stigma often affects ones sexual drive too. Men who are heavier tend to be lazy and lousy in bed, unless otherwise proven, so instead of taking this comment positively, the guy took it critically and binged on more food than he normally would, an effect that is mostly seen on men who have very low self-esteem to begin with.

Weight is such a very sensitive issue, especially for men. They take it upon themselves, and sometimes, they don't cope well, so in order for you to avoid awry outcomes from your unwanted advice, here are some tips to inspire yourself or your buddies who are going through a weight stigma.

If you're trying to convince a buddy to go to the gym with you, don't. Doing this will imply that you find him unfit and he might hold it against you. The first step into making him realise that he needs to move his muscles and shake all the fat out of his body, is to be a role model to him. Find something you and your buddies like doing, hiking, walking, biking etc. This gives him the idea that fitness shouldn't be judgmental by being mutual in all ways.

Now if your buddy is just too lazy to workout, your best option would be to raid his kitchen (with his permission, of course) and take out all the unhealthy foods in there and replace them with better-tasting, healthier foods. But be sure to tell him what you intend to do so he wont feel disregarded. Teach him how to make a healthier array of food for his every day consumption, in that way, you save yourself some irrational judgment.

The best way to help a buddy or a friend snap out of his own weight struggle is to tell him to watch his overall well-being. Not all men want to be told what to do, so the best way to do this is to ask questions pertaining to his general well-being. From there, he will start to realise that he hasn't been as fit as he should be and might jump onto the weight watchers bandwagon.