Masturbation - Why You Need to do it


Every man needs a release, be it through an intense workout, binging on food or even masturbation. It has been said that masturbating before going to bed is the simplest and most effective way of getting yourself to sleep. There is no other healthier way of keeping your mind and body fit than through masturbation, and there is definitely nothing to be ashamed of about it. While most men think that masturbation is immoral and a socially unacceptable behaviour, men should do it at least once a day, to keep their sexual stamina and stature in great shape. Masturbation is normative, harmless and most definitely natural. No man alive would regret doing it because of the effects it has on a man's body. A few touches here and there can help you build a stronger sense of self, holistically.

In fact, some women say that a lot of time their partners prefer to just be given a nice hand job rather than sex itself especially if they are tired. This is because, most men who work 9 hours a day don't always have enough energy to have sex every night, so a lot of them just try to masturbate to ease the tension and the mental and physical stress brought about by their daily grind. As a matter of fact, masturbation is the most natural remedy to insomnia. A lot of men in their late 30s are now experiencing insomnia, but studies show that masturbating before going to sleep can actually help decrease chances of developing insomnia for the rest of the night.

Women masturbate to relax as well and the escorts in Wembley say that masturbation definitely helps them drift off to sleep after a hard nights work, and in the case of younger, sexually frustrated men, masturbation helps them control their libido and ease their sexual tensions on their own.

Masturbation increases the immune functions of the body by relieving unwanted tension and stress. That feeling of being high in a good way, that's what your body needs. And don't worry about your sperm count, studies show that men who ejaculate every day are considerably more potent than those who don't. Besides, your testicles work hard in creating billions of sperm every day, letting it release a couple of million wont hurt you.

Ultimately, masturbation offers the best of everything to a man. Sexual release, a healthy disposition and even a better self-image. So when you're feeling lonely and anxious, you don't need another hand to do it for you, just pop in your favourite DVD, grab a lube, lock your doors and calm yourself with a nice ejaculation.