No Penis is an Island


No penis is an island is a mantra that most men wouldn't want to regard their penis for. But if it were to be an island, it better be one of those in demand summer hotspots somewhere in the Caribbean, the Bahamas or Hawaii, where the main attractions are hot and steamy activities all day and night. Now if you're thinking of anything other than this, then you should probably kill that idea before it flourishes into something else.

Now if you would truly consider your penis to be an island, then it means it is subject to destruction by nature, by which you have no control over, like say, a heart failure or the worst nightmare of all men, erectile dysfunction (ED).

And while the sound of having ED can be quite a mouthful for a lot of men, studies show that through proper care and use you won't have to see the day where you'll be popping Viagra into your mouth every time you want to get your jiggy with some hot London escort.

Here are some ways that you can prevent having an erectile dysfunction and quite possibly, result in a better erection:

  1. Eat your berries Dark berries like blueberries and blackberries contain chemicals that can actually help you achieve a better erection. How? These chemicals attack your free radicals, the ones responsible for giving you a hard time getting it up whenever you need to. So load up on your berries and you're sure to fire more than just one spoonful of semen.
  1. Quit Smoking or at least cut it in half. Smoking is one vice that all men share, and by that we mean, we have no plans of quitting it. Until now, studies have shown great results with men who stopped smoking and got a better erection. You see, nicotine increases the risk of heart failure and decreases your chances of having a good erection, so we suggest putting down that cigar and starting working your tool.
  1. Be more sensitive. We all know how stress can ruin anyone's day and that goes the same for our erection. Our body when induced with stress reacts in ways that are insidious and sometimes too unpredictable to the point of losing an erection while doing the deed, and we all know how that ends, so instead of nurturing stress, better to leave it and deal with what's current and relevant.
  1. Stop popping pills and we don't mean this in a way that you should stop taking your meds. But instead, you should check your medicine cabinet, read the labels on every medicine you've got and list them down. You see some maintenance medicines although extending our lives, increase our chances of developing erectile dysfunction and we believe every man wants to die happy, sexually.

Follow these simple guidelines and you're sure to kiss that erectile dysfunction nightmare away!