How to reduce stress


Living in this modern age, stress seems to be a normal addition to our every day lives. We would love to be able to live stress free I am sure but how do we do it successfully and on an everyday basis? You could probably reduce a little stress with the help of a London escort.

Our environment plays a great role in stress management. If we work or live in a clustered environment we tend to feel clustered and confined. Keeping those areas free tends to help reduce stress levels as well as frees our minds.

It is necessary to plan out your day and stick with it, so you may need to invest in a daily planner or a diary. We all tend to think that we have the greatest memory when really we don’t. Having a planner helps us keep check of the things that are on the horizon so nothing will seem to surprise us since this could lead to unwanted stress. This planner can also help us to know how much free time we have and we may be able to get a stress free activity in at least once a week, like a date with a London escort.

Try to get a good night’s rest. I am sure you have had days when you did not get enough rest the night before and you chewed off a lot of heads the next day. A lack of sleep increases stress and stress increases a lack of sleep. Get at least eight hours of sleep on a regular basis and you will be able to manage your daily routine like a pro.

This one you will love. Have more sex. Yes sex makes us feel good and the fact that it’s a physical activity helps to reduce stress. It increases the blood circulation to the brain and it also releases “feel-good” hormones. There are other physical activities you can do but I’m sure this one will be your number one tip!

The type of music that you listen to can also affect your mood. Listening to relaxing music affects you emotionally and physically. Soft relaxing music encourages the mind and body to unwind which in turn helps to decrease your levels of stress.

Addicted to coffee? Well this is a definite stress inducer. The caffeine in coffee increases your heart rate and therefore elevates your blood pressure. With all of this happening it also helps to elevate cortisol which is a stress hormone in your body.

No one likes to feel stressed, anxious or over worked. Take the time out to ensure that you do everything in your power to live stress free as you are entitled to a better way of living.