What is Sex Therapy and Why Should we Men Bother


This topic can be a major cause of embarrassment for some testosterone driven males and most definitely involves discussing your sexual habits with a complete stranger. On the other hand it definitely doesn't involve having sex with you’re elected therapist; neither does it involve relationships with a professed surrogate partner or indeed with your current or previously attached partners’ in front of the therapist. However you could elect to take one of our glamorous London escorts along with you for that much needed support

What is definitely involved is a unique opportunity to discuss your acquiescence about your sexual problem with a qualified therapist and, ideally, with your partner attending the session also. Thus helping you to understand and in some cases come to terms with the origins of your problem. Alternatively you could make an appointment with on of our very understanding escorts who we are sure will most definitely understand your issues and most certainly provide a solution to your growing problems.

Embracing this approach should hopefully lead to the augmentation of strategies to tackle the problem effectively. On occasion therapy is used in juxtaposition with drug treatments. One of the most common associations is in the treatment of erectile dysfunction (impotence).

A number of sex therapists focus on tried and tested, or so it is claimed, behavioural treatments to confront sexual problems. Characteristically, this may necessitate asking a couple to spend time in a familiar surrounding , such as the home environment and following a set of predefined exercises designed to improve communication and physical intimacy. After some weeks or dependant on the intensity of the problem, months, this could be followed by exercises which are designed to increase sexual confidence and which culminate in the couple practicing their desired sexual activity. Alternatively the couple could develop a lasting acquaintance with one of our very understanding girls.

Sex therapy doesn't use drugs or surgery, so has a definite advantage of no lingering drug related side effects and more than often involves the male’s partner which has the effect of, or can, improve a man's self-esteem, communication and more importantly the trust in the relationship. Requiring a considerable amount of commitment and motivation, this help can be successful in as much as 80% of cases treated in this manner.

The main disadvantage of sex therapy treatment is that it is not widely available (especially through the National Health Service), it is expensive if paid for privately, and is not as effective as some of the drug treatments for erectile dysfunction (impotence).