Testicular Cancer - Early Warning Signs


It can not be stressed enough, the importance of regular self examination for this silent killer in Men. Testicular cancer is responsible for many deaths, which, with today’s modern medicines and treatment can quite simply be avoided and reduced, by a very simple process of self examination; ask a London escort to help you.

If left undetected this form of cancer will in the majority of cases have a fatal outcome. There are many excuses used to avoid the reality of having this illness diagnosed, possibly the most common excuse is, “not having my genitalia examined by a doctor”, especially if that doctor is female. How embarrassing if during the examination your manhood decides that this is where your brain lives and starts to become erect. Doctors of course are used to this phenomenon, so this is not really worth considering as an excuse. Alternatively, making some excuse like “Oh I remember knocking myself there, so it must be the outcome of the injury”. In all cases there are no excuses, if in doubt go and see your local GP for an initial consultation. More information can also be found at The National Cancer Institute The earlier this illness is caught the higher the chances of a full and complete recovery.

The loss of a testicle does not mean it is the end of the world, and could lead to your life being saved; this of course is an extreme last resort, and a last stage to the final cure of this illness. In most cases if the illness is identified in good time there are many and varied treatments which can be recommended to remove the problem. The loss of a testicle does not mean that your are immediately impotent, you can contrary to myths and legends still perform and maintain an active sex life, and produce children.

The self examination process could not be any easier, take each testicle in turn, place your middle finger and thumb around the testicle in a pinching action, warning, do not pinch to hard this often causes pain and can put you off of continuing with the tests. Slowly working your way around each testicle in turn, feel for lumps or anything that does not feel normal. You will soon be able to differentiate between the normal and something which feels and appears to be abnormal. This process should be completed regularly to make sure your testicles remain healthy, remember if in doubt consult your GP, it is better to be safe than sorry.