The Truth Behind the Lie - Health Lies You Tell Yourself


Ever wonder why your workout isn't working for you the way it should? How about that guilty feeling you get when you binge on a steak after a week of doing a low-carb diet? All these things add up to one thing- you're lying to yourself and your body. Just because you worked out that morning doesn't mean you are okay with eating a gallon of ice cream and servings of greasy food, and if you think that taking vitamin supplements is the perfect excuse to smoke more or drink your way through an entire bottle of vodka, you've got it wrong, really wrong.

Healthy choices don't make up for self-indulgent behaviour. More importantly, it doesn't give you a psychological licence to spoil yourself with unhealthy antics. You set your health goals for one reason, to attain them, and finding a way to work around those goals can be hurtful to you and your plans.

Take for example, a man who drinks Vitamin C everyday is more likely to smoke twice as much as he used to before he started drinking any supplements. The reason? Because he thinks that the effects of smoking are lessened by his vitamin intake. But the truth is, his nicotine intake cannot be ruled out by any kind of supplement, Vitamin C doesn't flush out nicotine in your body, it just makes your immune system stronger so you maybe live longer than you should.

In another instance, men who take supplements with their workouts tend to choose heavy meals after. This is a common pitfall for a lot of men. In their heads, because they're working out or burning the calories, they think they have a free pass to binge whenever they want, But this is not the case, working out and losing weight is a hard feat. It doesn't happen overnight and eating a platter full of beef and pork without vegetables isn't going to help either. When it comes to food and exercise, go for something healthy and tasty, not either of the two. Those who ate healthier tended to consume more than those who ate tastier meals, but the thing about tastier meals is that there's so many preservatives and additives in them that they are considered unhealthy. Try striking a balance between the two and you're sure to enjoy every meal you have. Also, you should go out more often with Hendon escorts as they are conscious of their figures, which in turn can influence your diet as well.

As for those whose goals are still undefined and vaguely identified, being healthy and losing weight aren't goals, they are mere states of mind, the end result of a goal. The fact of the matter is, the more generic your goals are, the less successful you become. With every lie you tell yourself, you deny yourself the truth about your health, and overall well being. Being honest with yourself and being realistic with your health goals will keep you from lying to your body. So don't be one of those guys who think that drinking non-fat coffee with no sugar is healthy, because it isn't.