Weight loss guidelines


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There are ways you can lose weight but the most convenient are diet and exercise. The following will help you throughout the process. Remember follow them to the letter to gain results.

To begin with, try to reduce your intake of calories by 500 per day.

Never mix your meals. Avoid refined foods, sugary and junks. Go for natural unrefined foods and mostly stick to fruits and vegetables. Make a vegetable or fruit salad and keep it in the fridge. This way you can pounce on it whenever you feel you need something to snack on.

Be sober when eating. This method has an effect on your stomach and you feel satisfied sooner when the meal is over, therefore you consume fewer calories.

By using natural diets you can experiment with recipes by either cooking or making salads, and also comparing the change to that of other foods.

Don’t indulge. If you must, do it after an exercise session. However, this shouldn’t be an excuse to overdo it every time you exercise.

Remember to have your main mean at around midday and the last meal should always be low in calories and make it a small one.

Try to cook without using butter or margarine. If you need to cook, use olive oil, as it is much healthier.

Make some alternatives to your daily diet routine. For example, you can go for cottage cheese instead of hard cheese. Instead of having rich sauce on meat, you can go for herbs, which can also be mixed with spices instead of using dressings.

If you can’t avoid alcoholic drinks, have them in very small quantities as they contain a lot of “empty”calories.

Do not set very high unrealistic goals that will be somehow impossible to achieve. Instead, use short-term achievable goals.

For all you out there, London escort or not, take care of your body, not just for beauty’s sake, but for your health as well.