Mile High Club

Selena had always wanted to join the mile high club. It had been a long time fantasy of hers for years and now she was determined to make that fantasy a reality! She had booked two return tickets to Paris with her work bonus for herself and Andy, the guy that she had been seeing and now there she was, all strapped in and ready to go! As the plane taxied down the runway and gathered speed for take-off, Selena started wriggling with excitement. She knew she had to time it perfectly and in her mind she had replayed over and over again what they would both do in that tiny little cubicle, so all they had to do was execute the plan! It seemed like an eternity as Selena watched first the refreshments trolley coming round and then the duty free trolley and watched intently as the stewards passed up and down the aircraft carrying out their duties. Eventually she saw her break! Most of the stewards were at the bottom end of the plane doing one thing or another and Selena quickly grabbed Andy's hand and said "quick! Come on - now!" They unbuckled themselves, luckily Selena had been careful to make sure that they had both middle and aisle seats so as not to disturb anybody else, and her heart beat fast with excitement as she led Andy hurriedly up the narrow aisle towards the tiny bathroom. As luck would have it, it was vacant when they got there and Selena quickly opened the narrow little door and ushered Andy in, closely followed by herself. She locked the door and grinned at Andy, Let's have some fun baby! She said, and hurriedly unzipped her dress, pulling her knickers down with it as it fell to the floor. She unhooked her bra and looked at Andy, he was naked from the waist down aside from the t-shirt he was wearing and as Selena positioned herself bending over the sink with her arms on either side of it, she saw she had a glorious view of what they were about to do in the mirror. Selena spread her legs wide as Andy's large cock slid up inside her, loving the feeling of it filling up her pussy. Andy held onto her waist and proceeded to pump away, ramming his cock as deeply into her as he possibly could. He grabbed Selena's hair and firmly pulled it backwards so he could see her tits reflected in the mirror and he grasped hold of them whilst he was fucking her, taking both nipples between his fingers and pulling on them. Selena was in ecstasy! The only thing she had to remember was to stay quiet and every so often she forgot and Andy would instinctively put his hand over her mouth and grin at her in the mirror! He fucked Selena until her legs were shaking, quick and hard and then closed his eyes tightly and released a warm stream of cum deep inside her. Selena barely had a moment to grab some tissues from the holder and dab at her dripping pussy, when there was a knock at the door! They both looked at each other in mock horror and stood side by side as there was really no other way, and threw their clothes back on. "Just a moment" Selena yelled to whoever was knocking and as she smoothed her hair down, Andy stifled a giggle. He unlocked the door and let himself out leaving Selena to follow. The glare she got from the passenger stood waiting outside was priceless! When they got back to their seats, they were shot a most knowing smirk from the lady sitting in the window seat next to Andy! They both sat down as if nothing had happened and giggled at one another. Well that had certainly been a dream come true Selena thought to herself! She settled back contentedly in her seat, opened her magazine and enjoyed the moist, warm, glow she now felt between her thighs.