Milk Maid of Bushey

I was hot and tired, for the last several months I had been breastfeeding, trying to keep up with the demands of a very hungry baby who had now left me with an abundance of milk and very engorged breasts. I was stuck in a cycle of producing too much but couldn't let them dry up either. I was sore, desperate for release and at the end of my tether when Tina called round one afternoon.

She could see I had been crying and asked why, I explained although I didn't really need to as by now dribbles of milky fluid had already seeped through my tight tee-shirt making wet pools on my chest. I then broke down in front of Tina and sobbed while she held me listening to my woes. It was then she suggested she could help me, I told her I wasn't very good at expressing, she asked if human expression would help. I was shocked as it was something I hadn't given a thought too. Before I could answer she placed her finger over my lip and said shhhh let me be a 'Mothers help'.

Tina removed my tee-shirt and bra and placed her lips on my nipples, she began to suckle and the milk flowed. Embarrassment gave way to relief and relief to a very familiar feeling and tingling. I realised I was now becoming aroused as Tina suckled me and she started making murmurings too. I had only ever had sex with my husband, marrying young as a virgin this was a new and fresh experience for me. I found myself telling her she'd be more comfortable in the bedroom.

We fell onto the bed together with Tina still attached and by now she was removing her panties as she swapped breasts. I looked down at her face to see my milk running down her neck forming a little pool on her chest, seeing her beautiful face looking flushed with pleasure made my vulva feel warm and wet. I had a desire to feel Tina's perky breasts, whereas mine are large, milky and pendulous hers are firm and conical with huge nipples. I wanted to take them in my mouth and experience another woman and more so the gorgeous Tina.

I whispered to Tina I wanted to fuck her and she was more than willing as I reached under the bed and found my biggest vibrator. I stoked her clit with the pulsing buzzing head and we kissed with such passion I could taste my milk in her mouth, this was such a turn on I wanted my milk on every part of her body so I could lick it off. Tina was moaning and on the verge of climax when I plunged the vibrating shaft into her deep cunt. She took the whole length of it and begged me not to stop.

With my spare hand I started milking myself and spraying her body with milk, I sprayed inside her pussy and watched it dribble out mixed with her wet cum. It looked so delicious the sweet milk mingled with tangy cunt juice I just replaced the vibrator with my tongue. I was inexperienced but I don't think Tina believed me as she started cumming all over the bed, screaming with pleasure and her orgasm unfolded. We rubbed out bodies together scissoring each other, using milk as lubricant, grinding our pussies together, nibbling each other, tasting each other.

By now I was desperate to cum and was begging Tina to bring me off, but she was teasing me, taunting me, making me beg for it. She slapped my bottom with a resounding sting, the warmth providing me with an added sensation, she pushed her fingers inside me before sliding in the vibrator in and suckling at my breasts till I was cumming and milking at the same time. I orgasmed to a level unknown to me previously and a new sensory experience had been unlocked.

Tina and I agreed for her to 'help' me on a regular basis and a year on my child is in nursery and has long left breast feeding but Tina comes over for coffee most days and I never need to buy milk, but shhhhh its our secret in Bushey.