The Modern Day Escort

The traits of a modern day escort are quite easy to see and it only require a bit of keenness and understanding to spot them. The modern day escort should love themselves and know that there are lots of people out there who appreciate them just the way they are. This self appreciation should be her guardian angel . It helps her appreciate her work better and be friendly towards everyone. An Enfield escort knows her self worth and is always ready to stand up to what offends her.

She portrays self confidence in her face, when she walks around and while interacting with others, in her movements, actions and character. She shouldn't give everything away in one go, but should always keep her company in suspense and anticipation ever time she is with him. Her style, beauty, character and personality should be charming and original. She is always self sufficient and at peace with her inner self and also her partner. She is ready to cater to all his needs and fulfill all his wishes. They complete each other and nothing else matters at that time.

She is considered a true woman by her role in the society she lives in. The stereotyped thought of a woman always being inferior to a man does not apply to her. She needs a man as a companion yes, but she can do just as well without him. Her role in society is more than just giving birth to children and fulfilling the man's physical needs. She stands up for herself and solves her own issues. She is no gold digger and nobody's mistress. Her outward impression is strong on her own, happy and healthy.

Speaking of outward, her physique is to die for. She is always clean and presentable to company and others around her. Her hair is well groomed and she wears the latest styles in fashion. Her nails are well manicured and her smile is well looked after. She exudes natural beauty and with her, make up is just the icing on the cake.

Basically Enfield escorts and all other women for that matter, should have a sense of womanhood, beauty and inward discipline. After all, as they say, if its good on the inside it will show on the outside.