The More the Merrier

Samantha had an odd request. She was asked to go on a date with a man and his girlfriend. Luckily, she was the right girl to ask because she had always believed, the more the merrier. Plus, she never had a problem sharing her delicious body with others, and she definitely didn't mind getting a taste of another woman... Especially this one. The two are some of the most stunning people she has ever laid her eyes on, so she was extremely excited for their date.

It didn't take long for the action to get started once Samantha arrived at the couple's home. They flirted for a bit as they sipped on some cocktails before heading to the bedroom. The three undressed themselves as they all climbed onto the bed. Samantha knew that she had to take the ropes as the couple didn't really seem to know how to get started. She climbed on top of the boyfriend, allowing her brown spot to be right in his face. She pulled the girlfriend closer to her and began to kiss her passionately before pushing her onto her back.

Samantha, still straddled on the boyfriend, moved her body downwards, arching his back to give him the perfect view of her asshole. She was very clean and eager and he began to tease her little hole with his tongue. Samantha spread the girlfriend's legs as she dove into her pussy, licking her clit long and softly. She was instantly in a state of complete arousal. Samantha licked up and down her pussy lips, gathering the girlfriend's juices in her mouth before pulling her back up to kiss her. She put her tongue in the girlfriend's mouth and allowed her to taste her own pussy. At this time, the boyfriend slipped a finger in Samantha's asshole which made her squeal as she continued to kiss his girlfriend.

Samantha trailed her tongue down to her breasts, circling around her nipples before going back up to her neck and lips. Her hands cupped the girlfriend's big titties as her boyfriend pumped her asshole with his finger.

She then motioned for the girlfriend to straddle on top of the boyfriend's face so that her back was to Samantha. She then turned her body around to give herself a good view of the two. Her legs were straddled over the boyfriend's hips, allowing his hard cock to graze up against her pussy which grew hard as his girlfriend lowered her pussy onto his mouth. She instantly began to grind on his tongue, moaning from the slopping wet licks of his tongue on her clit. The pre-cum coming from the boyfriend's dick was getting on Samantha's pussy and it made her eager to get it. She pushed the girl frontwards so that her asshole was facing Samantha, and so that her boyfriend could still lick her pussy.

Samantha slid her finger into her own pussy, allowing it to get covered with her own juice before circling the girlfriend's asshole with it. She slowly applied some pressure until her finger was engulfed in the girlfriend's little hole. She screamed as her boyfriend began to lick her clit harder and faster as Samantha pumped her finger in her ass.

Just as that moment, Samantha slid her pussy down the boyfriend's shaft which made him let out a loud groan. Samantha began to bounce up and down on his shaft before throwing it deep inside of her. Every inch of him was in her pussy as she leaned forward and began to lick his girlfriend's asshole as she fingered it harder.

The three were moaning loudly as Samantha grinded on the boyfriend's dick and gave the girlfriend a rim job of a lifetime. The girlfriend's body began to tremble as the two took advantage of her two holes. Her body got weak and her toes curled as they devoured her. They sucked her, licked her and pumped her holes hard. So hard that the girlfriend could barely contain herself. Just as she was about to cum, Samantha slid another finger into her asshole. This instantly made the girlfriend scream as she quivered from the orgasm she was experiencing.

The heat in the room was hot and it filled with the smell of pussy juice as Samantha bounced harder and faster on the boyfriend's dick. With his face still deep in his girlfriend's pussy, he placed a hand on Samantha's hip and threw his dick hard into her pussy. He held her body down on his shaft as he motioned his hips, allowing his dick to graze all sides of her pussy. Just as Samantha slid up and down on his shaft one more time, he exploded with a hot load of cum. Samantha continued to grind on him as she licked the left over cum from the girlfriend's pussy.

Just as the boyfriend was finished cumin, Samantha leaned backwards and motioned the girlfriend to turn around, still straddling her boyfriend's face, and suck her boyfriend's cum from her pussy. She complied and trembled from the sensitivity of her own clit as her boyfriend continued to lick her clean.

The girlfriend wrapped her lips around Samantha's pussy and began to suck her hole, tasting a mixture of her boyfriend's cum with another woman's juice. She sucked long and hard and inserted her tongue into Samantha's pussy to ensure she gets every last drop.