Multi-site Mayhem in Rip off London

Have you ever suffered with dj vu or at least thought you had during one of your experiences with one of the many London escort agencies websites? Maybe you have or maybe you have a recollection of a picture, or pose of a stunning and beautiful girl, that you are almost certain you have viewed on a different website before. Don't be fooled you haven't, you have just fallen for one of the most common deceptions out there. Some of our less trusting competitors are putting up multiple sites with the same glamorous ladies, but giving them different names and most importantly different potential charges. The same glamorous girl, who coincidentally may or may not exist as an escort in London, is given a different name and a different charge, this stinks. No wonder these sleazy greed mongers are ruining our long standing reputation within the community.

Is there anything that can be done to counteract what these scavengers are doing or like most things in rip off Britain, do we just keep a stiff upper lip and accept the inevitable? I say no, it is now time to stop these unscrupulous companies in their tracks and make them see that their actions will not be rewarded. You, as our discerning and loyal public, deserve the best service available, and most certainly do not deserve to be treated with contempt or be left with the feeling of being conned or duped, leaving a very nasty taste in the mouth and not to mention a dent in your wallet. And also at the same time giving a bad name to the genuine London agencies who work extremely hard in trying to offer a high quality and honest service to the public, also not forgetting the hard working and genuine escorts in London.

These bandits, nay pirates, are on the increase because we are pandering to their needs. We need to stop and think before we create an epidemic of biblical proportions, opening the flood gates and creating another Sodom and Gomorra, and look what happened there! Someone will reap vengeance on this stereotypical type and shut them down, hopefully creating a level of trust again in our industry. That someone has to be you, through the use of common sense, knowing when you are being taken for a ride and when you are receiving that bespoke and unique special service you have come to expect. Don't fall into the trap of being sucked in to the multi-site mayhem where you think you are getting a real value for money service. It is more than likely that you are being groomed to take the bait, become hooked and finally get reeled in, trapped and ensnared, culminating in the sting of the year, or at least that is what it feels like when you are on the receiving end of this production line.

Consider all of the options available, check out the sites and confirm your worst nightmares and then take action. Ignore these leeches, cut off their blood supply and watch them fade away in to oblivion. If more of our prestigious and discerning clients followed these simple steps, then our industry would not have the torrid reputation it has gained through the few spoiling it for the many premier London escort agencies throughout the UK, and moreover, within our capital city of London.