Mutual Masturbation

Men and women are quite entirely different when it comes to reacting to their inner sexual feelings. A good example is the practice of masturbation for both. One will find most men masturbate many times in their lives while the females do not do as much so in general. Even though there is no statistical evidence to prove the afore-mentioned fact, everyone accepts that it is generally true information.

The reason behind this fact is that women can control their feelings to a better extent than men. Women are all different and their sexual urge can differ greatly. They also engage in masturbation as well and especially so if they tend to feel shy and they are extremely sensitive in certain parts of their body. This can enable them to privately explore their bodies and discover what turns them on. Escorts in London will also tell you this is very true as well.

Masturbation is a mutual process that can be explored either alone or when with a partner. It can be a great way to enhance a sex life and can also be a good way for a woman to teach her man what feels good and what pleases her and men are always turned on if they can see that the person they are getting intimate with knows exactly what they like.