My Adopted Mummy

It was time for my weekly visit to see my adopted Mummy, I usually visit on a Thursday afternoon as a pre weekend treat. I can schedule my work so I don't miss a visit, so heading out of the city and to Golders Green I can feel the excitement already.

Heading along the familiar road to a house that has become familiar in the past year, Mummy is there at the door ready to greet me with a kiss. Come in my little angel have you had a hard day. I cling to her knees and feebly nod yes. I'm ushered into the nursery for a jam sandwich and a glass of lemonade, after that I'm sent to the corner to play with some toys.

I hear her familiar voice say, can I smell a wee wee, I nod dumbly, she gets down on the floor and removing my trousers she checks my adult nappy which was put on just before leaving the office. After changing me she leaves to me kick naked on the floor before applying talc and massaging my buttocks with cream. Once she redresses me she enquires if I'm tired. I am always tired anyway and she has already prepared the giant cot for me, in I go and snooze for the allotted half an hour.

After half an hour she wakes me for a feed which I eagerly anticipate, she decides we have a closer bond when we are naked. She undresses me and strips off herself, once she has made herself comfortable she bears me to her big milky filled breasts. This is my favourite part of the visit I launch myself on her big huge nipple that has been in milk and suckled for years. I drink from her feeling her warmth and soft breast tissue pressed against my face.

My cock goes rigid and I squirm looking for relief. She sees my hard cock, takes me off her breast and outs me over her knee. You naughty, dirty filthy boy, how dare you raise you cock, a sharp sting comes from the hard wooden ruler she keeps by her side. I whimper and my cock bobs about. I'm re latched on and told not to whimper to be a good boy and drink milk. I switch breast and drink my adopted Mummy dry as my hand accidently on purpose seeks out her wet cunt.

She is too cunning she feels me and over her knee again I am placed and I received ten lashes of the ruler for being so disgusting. The redness seeps over my buttocks, I know I want more spanks and I have to be naughty and a dirty little boy to get them. I delve my hand right into the heart of her slit, she pauses just long enough for me to play. I scoop up her ministrations look at her directly in the eye and lick my hands clean. She yanks my cock upwards and spanks the base of my ball sack. I howl like a baby but yet my cock still stays ramrod, my sacs feel so bruised but yet so alive.

She asks me if I have moved my bowels today, I shake my head no glumly. I'm ordered to lay down in the cot on my side. She re appears with a sterile pipe and a bucket of soapy water and I know instantly what my adopted mummy has planned today an enema. The rubber pipe is crudely shoved deep into my rectum and standing on a small ladder she begins to pour the soapy fluid into my downs. It hurts so bad my tummy is so bloated, I'm stretched and feel like my bowels will burst. I look down and my stomach is so distended. The pipe is removed and I'm told I must hold for ten minutes, after which only then I will be permitted to fill a potty. Nasty Mummy I only had to hold for six minutes last week.

Adopted Mummy then gave permission for me to use the potty, I rushed over to the giant potty and all inhibitions were released as I emptied my bowels. I then lay down completely drained as Mummy cleans me up, massaging more ointment into me sends me on my way with a clean nappy.