My Birthday Celebration with my Wife and an Uxbridge Escort

We were going to a fancy hotel. That's for sure, but how we exactly we were going to celebrate remains to be seen. After all, not everyday I turn 35 and Suze, my wife, 30. Even at this 'late' age, Suze, a mother of two children, is on my list of the 10 sexiest women on earth. An average height brunet with a Jennifer Lopez kind of ass and rather heavy tits, Suze knows how to make me horny. Sometimes just by talking.

A week before B-Day, she had an idea: why not make it an all sex weekend. How could I refuse? But if we were spending the entire weekend in bed, I asked, we could send the kids to their Granny and stay at home, instead of traveling. That's when she threw the surprise: we could do things that we can't do here, where people know us. You mean like running naked in the street, or making out in a car, I asked, aren't we a little old for this kind of stuff? I was thinking of a more sophisticated kind of pleasure, she replied, like having fun with a call girl.

It's a good thing this conversation was taking place as we were having an evening walk and not, say, driving in heavy traffic, as I would probably hit the car in front of me.

The next evenings were spent in front of the PC surfing for keywords such as 'Uxbridge Escorts' and 'Escorts in Uxbridge'. The big agencies offer catalogs, and I was left with the hard task of choosing. After an hour or two of surfing for the perfect Uxbridge Escort, Suze would come, sit quietly next to me and slide her hand into my pants. It was a little game she made up: she would guess the girl I liked most in each agency, just by my cock's reactions. She was right about 80 percent of the time.

Finally, after three nights I chose a beautiful black escort, she was in her late twenties with a full figure and a look that says 'I have been around and seen it all'. And although this may sound a bit repulsive, it had a strange attraction on me, and I sensed that Suze would like her too. So I called the agency and set up the deal.

On Friday morning we took the kids to their Granny and continued to Uxbridge where my favourite Hotel is located. It was a long drive and Suze, who is usually very cheerful and noisy, was sitting in silence. Are you having second thoughts, I asked, we can pick up the cell phone and call it off. But she just shook her head and said "no".

When we were just arriving into the town, they called. Suze answered. It seems the girl we asked for couldn't make it tonight. This is your way out babe, I thought, but Suze didn't hesitate at all. They want to send a blonde called Natalie, she informed me, is that ok by you? I just said yes.

We reached the hotel, checked in and arranged our stuff. The time was 7 PM. Natalie was due at 8:30. We were both rather tired from the long drive, but the excitement kept us going. We crossed the street to a small bar, had a couple of drinks and grabbed a few bites. We were back in our room at 8:20.

Suze went to the bathroom and locked herself there. She was still there when I heard a knock on the door at 8:35. She's here; I yelled to my wife and rushed to the door. A rather tall, slim blonde stood there. She introduced herself in a Russian accent as Natalie. As I asked her to sit, I noticed that she was built like a Playboy model, only with smaller tits. This is fine by me, since I hate those Silicon stuffed models.

Suze was still in the bath, so I started a little conversation with Natalie. It turned out that she came from Latvia a couple of years ago and was funding her studied by escorting. She said her agency is a prestigious one (I could figure that out from their price quote) and that she usually had two or three 'jobs' a week.

"She nude yet?" I heard my wife yelling from thru the bath door, and before I could answer, she added "tell her to take it all off, now!". I looked back at Natalie to check if she heard her. She must have, since she already had her shirt off. There was no bra; her firm small breasts didn't need one. She had pointed tiny brown nipples.

Next she took off her small mini skirt, revealing a black thong that had a hard time covering her delicate blond bush. I let myself fall on the bed and closed my eyes. Seconds later, I felt my shirt being pushed up and a hot tongue exploring my lower belly. A rush of blood came to my cock and it felt like it was going to rip my jeans.

Fortunately, my zipper was soon opened and my member pulled out of its jailing underwear. I opened my eyes. It as a beautiful sight: Natalie's face buried between my legs, her lips kissing my balls lightly, her slim ass was high in the air - too far for me to grab it. I reached for her tits instead. They were so firm!

She kept teasing me, circling around my cock with her tongue and lips - not touching it. I closed my eyes again and felt her lips sucking my balls, gently at first and then getting harder. I couldn't stand it any longer, grabbed her hair, and guided her head up. She got the hint. Her tongue gliding from my balls to the tip of my cock, causing it to erect in a way that started to ache. When she reached the tip, she opened her mouth and in one graceful move, swallowed my entire member. I let out a loud moan.

She then proceeded to move her mouth up and down my shaft. My cock was sending pleasure signs to my entire body. After what must have been a minute or two, I felt her grasp - something was happening.

I opened my eyes again and couldn't believe what I saw. There was Suze, her body completely naked, except a huge, monster like black dildo, strapped to her waist, just under her cute little belly. It looked like she asked the guy at the store - give me the biggest one you got.

Now this monster was entering Natalie's pussy from behind, making her grasp and let out small, feminine moans. Suze didn't even bother to take Natalie's thong off - she just moved it aside.

Now this was a sight to remember: Suze's big tits jumping up and down as her movement gathered momentum, her hands clutching Natalie's slim hips forcefully. It was as if an entire new side of her, a masculine one, was revealed.

Natalie kept pumping my rod - trying with some success, to muffle the harsh moves that were generated from her behind. I was afraid that I would explode at that early stage, so I turned to my wife - the first time since she left the bathroom - and whispered: "Love, please slow down, otherwise I'll come".

She immediately stopped and replied in a husky voice: 'you want to fuck her, don't you?! Before I could answer, she pulled herself out and commanded Natalie: 'sit on his cock'. The blonde obeyed. I felt her tight pussy grip my member. She was wet, I noticed, this must mean she also enjoys this, even though she's a pro.

Suze lay besides me, caressing my face, while Natalie kept on riding. Her small tits were barely moving while her hips pumped my aching tool. Suddenly I felt a hand reaching to my behind - searching for my balls. Suze knew my weaknesses too well. Her hand started squeezing them gently. 'I'm gonna make you come', she informed me and increased the force of the grip.

I couldn't help it any longer and exploded: my hips rocking forcefully and my cock pushing itself deeper into Natalie's pussy. Suze kept milking me until I finally finished and collapsed exhausted.

Now it's my turn, Suze said after a minute. She turned towards the drawer, did something, which I couldn't see, and then pushed Natalie, my cock still buried in her towards me. I didn't understand what she was doing. Natalie was pressed against me -her nipples pinching my chest.

I looked for Suze, and there she was, her hand full of Vaseline, behind the whore's ass. 'I'm gonna fuck her hard form behind', she said in a low voice. I felt Natalie shudder. A second later she was pushed against me even harder, as my wife started to fuck her ass. She did put some lube and the dildo was wet from the blonde's pussy juices, but I knew it must have hurt.

Natalie's small hands were clutching my shoulders, almost asking me to come to her rescue. She started moaning, but Suze kept on.

Almost half of the monster cock was inside now. Natalie let out a cry. I looked at Suze. Her eyes were half closed, transfixed on the black dildo. It was one of the sexiest pictures I ever saw, but it was also getting scary.

Natalie's cries were getting louder, and I started to fear the neighbors might hear us. I knew I had to make her cum fast. I extended my hand and barely reached her cunt. She was dripping. My finger went up her mound and touched her clit.

She immediately responded, but in a wrong way - she increased her moves. I retreated, putting my hands on her soft spots - the nipples. I just held them between my fingers as she moved back and forth, building her orgasm.

'Cum, you bitch', I yelled at her, my voice mixing with the blonde's cries, 'fuck that whore'. I knew the dirty language will have an effect: she started trembling, letting out high, animal like moan; which I've never heard.

I kept holding her nipples as she reached her climax. Her eyes closed. Her mouth wide and her body shaking as if she was electrified.

I don't even remember Natalie dressing and leaving. Everything that went afterwards was just erased from my memory. Suze and I never talked about the experience.

It was almost 5 years ago.

Next month I'll celebrate my 40th birthday and Suze's 35th. She has already informed me she had 'exciting plans'.

I can't wait to find out.