My First Escort

My very first experience with escorts was really worth it. My friends and I always laughed saying that we would never pay for sex but when I found out my girlfriend cheated on me I had no choice but to dump her. Now that I had no girlfriend I needed someone to see about my needs when I was horny so I decided to try the escorts out.

We decided to meet at my place for 8pm and I was pleased when she showed up at 7:45pm. She looked even better in person with her short flared dress that tied behind her neck. Her nipples stood tall beneath her dress and my cock couldn’t help but wonder if she was totally naked underneath her clothes.

I made it quite clear that I wanted to dominate the experience. We entered the bedroom and it wasn’t long before we were both naked. Her well curved body made my fingers and toes curl. Her breasts were plump and perky. She had the pattern of an arrow pointing downward to her pussy which I found was very cute. Her curly hair bounced around her shoulders.

“Get on your knees suck my cock,” I commanded.

Without saying a word she kneeled in front of my and took my cock into her mouth. She took the tip of my cock and used her lips to massage it while she used her hand to pump my shaft. I closed my eyes and placed my hands gently on her head encouraging her to take me all the way in. It wasn’t long before her head kept still and I was moving my hips to fuck her mouth. She held on to my ass to keep herself steady. Unlike my ex-girlfriends, she was able to take in my entire cock without gagging which turned me on even more.

I lifted her gently by her hair and bent her over so that my cock was in line with her pussy. I slapped her ass with my cock playfully. I took two of my fingers and inserted them into her pussy. The warmth of her flesh squeezed against my fingers caused my cock to pulsate. My fingers moved in and out of her causing her to moan softly.

“Do you like that?”

She nodded.

“I want you to answer,” I said as I smacked her on her ass.

“Yesssssss,” she moaned lustfully.

In and out my fingers went oozing with her pussy juices. I could feel her pussy throbbing on the inside and that made me finger fuck her even faster. She reached behind to take hold of my hand and she held it still as she moved her hips over my fingers. I led her to the bed and commanded her to lie down.

“Open your legs and show me that pussy.”

She lay and her back and her well-manicured hands pulled apart the folds of her pussy. Her pussy looked so inviting as it glistened with its natural juices. I took the edge of my rock hard cock and teased the mouth of her pussy. Then with one thrust I entered her.

“Oh fuck,” she screamed in pleasure.

I pulled my cock out and this time hit her pussy with my cock before once again pushing it back into her. I did this a few times then said, “Do you want my cock?”

She nodded.

I smacked her ass, “I need you to answer.”

“Yes I want you cock, please.” It was almost like a whimper.

I held her legs up and I pounded her with my cock. I watched in delight as she played with her clit. Her face contouring in pleasure every time my cock hit her pussy walls. Just as I was on the verge of climax I pulled out and took a breath.

“Turn around and face your ass this way.”

I enjoyed the fact that everything that I want during sex I am able to pay for and it is being down without a complaint. One thing that I always wanted to try with my ex was anal but we never got around to it. Well tonight is my lucky night.

“Hold your legs.”

I watched as she did what she was told. I pushed my fingers into the pussy then into her ass using her sweet juice as lubrication. I allowed my fingers to loosen her a bit before I placed my cock at the entrance of her hole. I slowly slid my cock into her. I couldn’t believe how tight her ass was. It sent pleasure waves through me as her ass hugged my cock like a glove. I pumped her ass slowly until my full erection was all the way in.

I held on to her hips and fucked her hard. I slid one hand to play with her pussy which was now dripping with juice. She intertwined her fingers with mine and together we played with her pussy. I felt her body tense and I knew that she was close to her orgasm and luckily so was I. We increased our pace and almost simultaneously we reached our orgasm. I held her ass close until I was sure that I had totally drained myself into her. I pulled out slowly and watched as sticky substance dripped from her ass to her pussy. We were both soaked with sweat and other liquids. I sat at the edge of the bed trying to catch my breath.

Tonight was definitely a night that I would remember for the rest of my life. Having a girl who you can totally dominate during sex who actually liked it is worth paying for. Never again will I sit up late nights flicking through the porn stations. I would just pick up the phone make a call and have my fantasy delivered right to my door. I would recommend these services to any man who is willing to have the best night of his life!