My First Taste of a Lesbian Escort

I had always been shy. I would always wait for someone to talk to me no matter how much I really wanted to talk to them. My ex always spoke about us having a threesome but it never worked out. We split up but I was still curious. I watched porn and I often wondered what it could be like to go down on a woman and what it would be like for her to do the same to me. I finally got the urge to call an escort and to make my fantasy a reality.

I prefer to hire an escort because I am a very private person. I wouldn’t want to do something with someone then hear about it the next day from every Tom, Dick and Harry. They are also very safe in terms of health and I’m told they are actually quite fun.

The day came and I couldn’t function. I had taken the day off from work to prepare for my big night ahead. I visited one of my favourite lingerie stores and bought a pretty white lace piece. It had the shape of a bathing suit with hooks to the front for easy removal. I also made a trip to the grocery to pick up a few items. I got home, took a shower, shaved and sat down and waited for my doorbell to ring.

By the time my doorbell rang my candles were lit and I had chocolate syrup and whipped cream on the night stand next to me bed. I took a depth breath and opened the door.

“Hi I’m Lisa,” she extended her hand and gave me a warm smile.

“Hi, welcome.” I said as I took her hand.

She came in and I closed the door behind her inhaling deeply. I headed to the bedroom and her heels tapping against my wooden floor indicated that she was following me. I sat on the edge of the bed and held a pillow in front of me.

I watched as she placed her purse on the night stand then she sat next to me and took my hand. I was nervous and my hand was wet but she didn’t seem to notice.


I nodded not trusting myself to speak.

“This your first time?”

I nodded again and she smiled.

“Ok so why don’t you lay back and let me get to work. Tonight it’s going to be all about you.”

I positioned myself in the middle of the bed and still holding the pillow on top of me, my eyes closed.

“Before we start you will have to lose this pillow.”

I allowed her to remove the pillow.

“You’re a beautiful woman, no need to hide.”

Her fingers grazed my thighs and I squeeze my sheets in my hand. It felt like little shock waves that shot straight to my cunt. I rubbed my legs together a bit as I felt my sensation increase. She brushed her lips with mine. Teasing at first then she tried to get her tongue in my mouth. I open my mouth and invited her in.

She tickled the tip of my tongue with hers and I moan in her throat. She spreads my legs with her hands and I quiver a bit now what she was about to do. I held my breath as she passed her finger in my pussy crease. She palms me and I moan again eager for her to touch my bare skin. I finally found the nerve to touch her. I start by passing my hands through her hair as we continue to kiss. She roles me over and now I’m on top.

I look down at her. She already looks flush. I nervously unbutton her shirt and move it to the side exposing her. I look at her and she nodded almost like an invitation to go ahead. I cup her breast watching her taunt nipple pushing against the soft material of her bra. I unclip her bra, removing it and her shirt and tossing it on the floor.

Her breast felt soft in my hands. I squeezed the both of them softly, her nipples looking as though they were ready to pop. I bent my head and took one of her nipples in my mouth. I flicked her nipple with my tongue before sucking it eagerly. Her fingers trailed my back and I moan. She wiggles under me as she removed her skirt and her panties and tossed them in the pile of clothing gathering on the floor. I quickly remove my own lingerie eager to continue.

She flips me over playfully and sticks her finger in my cunt. I moan loudly moving against it. She keeps adding fingers and I beg her to suck my cunt. Her mouth hovered over my cunt as her tongue began to tickle me and lap up my juices that were already seeping from my crease. I lift my hips urging her to cover me completely, but she continues to taunt me blowing her hot breath over my aching cunt.

She takes me with her mouth and I melt completely. She was gentler than any man I’ve ever been with. She knew her way around without me having to spell it out for her. She spread my legs as her tongue sank deep into me. I moved my body to match her movements. I screamed out in pleasure as I climaxed.

My legs were limp and my breathing was shallow. She continued to please me even after I came. She moves up my body and tangles her arms around my body. She draws me in for a kiss and I can taste my cum on her lips. We fondle and caress each other. We rub our cunts together, our juices mixing making a mushing noise. The faster we go the louder we get until we both collapse into each other’s arms.

That night was awesome. We fucked, we screamed, we laughed, we climaxed. I’m happy that I made the decision to step out of my comfort zone and do something that I really wanted to do. I have zero regrets and I plan on doing it again soon.