My Pretend Girlfriend Jess the Escort

Dinner at my family’s house turned out better than expected Jessica aka my escort for the night aka my girlfriend, did a great job at winning over my family. The only thing I had to worry about now is how to tell them I broke up with her because she cheated on me. My family has always been questioning when I was going to settle down and start a family. Hey I’m at the prime of my life nothing is going to stop me from living my best life now. We left my mother’s house about 10pm giving me just about two hours to have my way with this beauty before sending her on her way.

When I closed the door behind us to my apartment words we didn’t say anything. I watched as she took off her short flared dress and revealed a laced, black piece of lingerie. I quickly removed my clothing and my cock hung limp between my legs. I was a little more endowed than other men and I always appreciate a time where I can strut my stuff in front of the females.

We embraced and we shared a few passionate kisses. Her hand slipped between us and began to massage life into my cock. She held me by the cock and gently pulled me towards the bedroom where we kissed and fondled for a few minutes. She pushed me down on the bed and quickly climbed on top of me placing each of leg on either side on my thigh. She pumped my cock until it was totally erect before she slipped it in.

I was amazed that her pussy was already so wet. She leant towards me allowing her nipples to brush lightly against my chest. She lifted her ass so that the tip of my dick was inside her pussy. She smiled wickedly at me and rotated her hips over the tip of my cock almost sending me into an early climax. It wasn’t long before she shoved my cock back in allowing her pussy to swallow my dick once more and this time she straightened up letting me watch as her breasts bounced up and down.

I leaned forward a bit to get her nipples in my mouth, but every time I tried I failed and she giggled at me, until she leaned in and offered me one of her nipples. My tongue flicked over her hard nipples and she moaned. I squeezed her other nipple before taking it into my mouth. Her breathing was fast and shallow. I could feel her pussy tightening around my cock. I held her at the waist and lifted her up just leaving the tip of my cock in her pussy. I kept her like that and rammed my cock into her over and over. She screamed out and her pussy spasmed around my cock. I watched as her juices ran down my cock and onto the sheets.

We embraced and rolled to the other end of the bed that was dry, her now at the bottom. I suck her lip gently before slowly sticking my tongue into her mouth. Our tongue tangled and our kisses became fierce. He whimpered as I teased her with the edge of my cock on pussy. I slid it up and down her crease and rubbed it gently on her clit before sinking it into her.

I kiss her as we fuck and her fingers trailed my back causing electric shocks to run down my spine. I caress her face before leaning in for another kiss which she willingly accepted. Every time I push my cock into her she squeezed her pussy tight. She continued doing this and my cock couldn’t take it anymore. I grunted loudly as held my cock in her until my last drop of cum feel into the sweet abyss of her pussy.

I turn her over and tap her ass which she lifted towards me. She looked back at me as I ease my cock into her. I press her back down causing her ass to rise and to expose her hole. I lick my thumb and press it against her hold and I hear her moan. I press some more until my thumb is inside her ass. She wiggles back begging for more. I remove my thumb and I stick my index and middle finger into her tight ass. She grabs the sheet and bent her head into the bed and she screams.

I move my cock from her pussy and rub it against her asshole. I ease my cock into her tight ass. I hold my breath as I push it in. I stop as she eases and wiggles back on my cock until my entire cock is in her ass. I hold on to her hips and move my hips a little adjusting myself before fucking her.

I have often dreamed of fucking a woman in her ass but I never found anyone who was brave enough to let me because of the size of my cock. I closed my eyes as I enjoyed the sensations against my cock. Her ass was gripping me so tight that I thought I was going out of my mind. I fucked her as hard as she would allow me to before spilling my thick juices in her.

Just as I was about to pull out she stopped me. She positioned me back in place. I stayed still as she rammed her pussy into my cock. Her hand moved in front of her and she moaned loudly. I knew that she was playing with her clit so I decided to join her. Every time I squeezed her clit hard she screamed out and pushed back on me even harder. Her body shuddered once more and her juices ran down her inner thighs. We collapsed in each other’s arms too tired to move.

We took a quick shower before and fucked again before it was time for her to leave. I kissed her and thanked her for an evening well spent.